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TO EMILY GRAEBER (Island View escapee):

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QFTing some more.

--- Quote from: ""Bubble burster"" ---I'd like to make another thing clear.

Programs do not want the parents to interface with the child personally. In this way, they can manipulate the parent as ease.  That is why they tell you not to personally visit their child once he or she is caught.

The way they do this is through Fear. They prey on the parents' fear --your kid will be deadinsaneinjailorondrugs if you pull them out.  Unfortunately, this is baloney most of the time.  I know in my case, it was a lie, and in many other cases I have personal knowledge of.  In addition, WE, the kids, often either exaggerated our drug history or in some cases, lied about it, in order to move through the program. We were badgered so badly, we often were coerced to adopt false stories. Then, it became part of our story. We brought into it.  It was crucial that we believe the program was saving us...  the way they do this is by degrading us daily so that we believe the bullshit about ourselves. That we are incapable and worthless. Then, they could posit themselves as our Personal Jesus.

To the pro-program kids on Emily. Wait 5-10-20 years. Nearly every person I know on this site said the same thing you did. Most graduated the program brainwashed. After years and years of wondering why they feel an internal disconnect, why they are having so many problems relating post program, they start to piece the puzzle together.  

Hey parents! How would you like to be having this conversation 5-10-20 years from now?

I recently read a letter from a parent who sent her child to a program 20 years ago. I can tell you right now, she would not say the program had the long term effect she hoped for. Any of you interested in looking back 10-20 years from now only to realize you spent a boat load of cash and hope on your kid only to have them sitting at the fornits site spewing resentment, anger, and pain?

Don't let a good couple of years on paper fool you. Many of us had stellar resumes in an effort to "look good" initially. Inside, we were a mess.

There is a reason there are no longitudinal studies done.

--- End quote ---

No one wishes her to be on the streets.

However, the concern here is that she will be returned to the program that will subject her to trenchant psychological abuse. The fact she ran away will be used against her... Instead of caring for her and making her feel emotionally safe and respecting the root reason for her departure, they will criminalize her.  Now, the iron clamp will come down and she will be in a tighter box. Her problems will just become conflated.

Another problem is that parents turn to the program as the expert, instead of listening to their gut or their heart.  I've seen this happen across the board. They simply do what the program tells them to do, but don't investigate the matter for themselves.   They don't take their child's concerns seriously or respectfully.

Emily will likely buckle under new constraints, drink the Kool Aid, etc.   But don't count out the possibility that she will be on Fornits in 5 or 10 wondering wtf happened.


--- Quote from: ""Guest"" ---
--- Quote from: ""Guest"" ---
--- Quote from: ""Guest"" ---
--- Quote from: ""a voice from nowhere"" ---nah, I am kinda of pissed at whoever turned her in.

She is no better off and is going to face reverberations especially if she goes back to the pit or to WT.
--- End quote ---

she is much better off then being on the streets.  That is the most dangerous place for a young girl, runaway, with no street smarts,  thats no life.  She belongs with her family or back at IV to finish her program.. she has a nice long life ahead of her and a chance to be happy if she can get thru this rough spot.
--- End quote ---

Intersting, is a girl better off in a torture-cult devoted to destroying her, unravelling her brain like a spool of red yarn? Or, living with that nice family who turned her in, misguidedly, beleiving her family was nice, like theirs. Any family that would have Island view in on the discussions as Who says (not that you can beleive the aspen industry pr man) is not nice.

As tough as it is without parents, you are often better off without the sort that would send you to live life in an insitution, and you are better off on the street than in program, as you stand a better chance of coming out of them OK.
--- End quote ---

Actually chances are she would be dead living on the streets in a short time.  Kids do much better with family or with people who they love and/or who love them.  Second to that they are better of in a place where they can heal and grow.  The last place for a child is on the streets.  You certainly dont know much about street life or city living for a runaway teen age girl.
--- End quote ---

But she wasn't on the streets. Here's my thing, if her family really isn't going to send her back to Island View, I'm glad she got to   go home to see her grandmother before she passed.

But if  that places is as  bad as  they say it is and they DID send her back....I'm sorry but I would rather she be  with the "nice family" and her parent's can remain worried till the cows come home if that would keep her out of harms way.

I wish them a happy thanksgiving together...oh it's snowing outside.


--- Quote from: ""Guest"" ---
--- Quote from: ""a Mom"" ---Whom, no one wants to read your volley shots and returns with Deborah.

That is the most dangerous place for a young girl, runaway, with no street smarts, thats no life.

so she was living on the streets? I don't think so.

THE ISLAND is considering her for a JAN 08 re-admission. After she spends 8 weeks in Second Nature. Afer her poor parents are spent and probably grateful THE ISLAND will take her back.


Show those assholes, Emily's parents. Don't send her back. Even when you have the peer group leader calling you spineless if your daugher runs and you welcome her back home.
--- End quote ---

The streets is where most run aways end up.  A young girl without street smarts wouldnt last too long.  She was lucky
--- End quote ---

she had street smarts

Does anyone know if she's going back?

someone trustworthy?


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