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TO EMILY GRAEBER (Island View escapee):

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See what I mean - any chance you can get a life.


Same person, almost certainly a private investigator or programmie, with input from her mom.

Yes, they'll pretend to be your best friend to get you back, and then once they have you they can do whatever they want to you. Now you know what your parents REALLY are (just in case them paying to have you hurt at Island View didn't get the point across)! Sur-PRIIISE! Doesn't that make you feel loved?

I think the OP was trying to make the point that you call those assholes and they'll trace it, but that's really a "no shit, Sherlock" more than any sort of advice.

Yeah, they'll always be there to help, all right. I think Emily knows what her parents' idea of help is by this point. :lol:

Emily, if you do ever read this, please do NOT listen the asshole that is "trying" to make everyone else feel bad for trying to help, who apparently has NOTHING better to do than trash people and spend his/her days online trying to feel better about himself/herself. Perhaps this person is one you'd find on "To Catch A Predator" and please watch yourself.

I'm not your parents, I'm not with the FBI or any other foundation that tries to help teens, I am a friend and a parent.

If you were in danger, talk to someone, no one would have knowingly put you in a place of harm.

Be safe, watch your back and please come home soon - YOU ARE LOVED (no matter what the "Predator" tells you).

There are reasons why Emily is not back at Island View. There are reasons why Emily is not communicating with her family. Emily has her reasons and no one was willing to listen to her. Hopefully it is not too late. Island View and the Graeber household should be under scrutiny at this point in time. Emily needs a safe arena to come forward. Wanted posters with reward money present Emily as a criminal which she is not.
Emily, please call a trusted friend and let them know you are okay.

LOL, like I could ever mistake you for a Fed. The party van drivers retain a degree of professionalism. You don't.

--- Quote ---I am a friend and a parent...
--- End quote ---

The desperation is coming through loud and clear but I still can't tell between "asshole PI" and "programmie higher-up". Starting to sound a bit more like the latter, although "J. Random Asshole her parents thought would help" is also a candidate.

So, let's recap:

Parents hand Emily's computer to some pseudo-professional, who poses as her best friend after thoroughly searching everything Emily thought was private on her computer.

No further comment necessary.

I can't help but be reminded of all the kids who escaped, got told by their parents they weren't going to be sent back.. and instead got sent somewhere WORSE.

Although this topic has a decent chance of getting reposted somewhere big (in which case someone should probably Pain Series/ape the thread), I think I'm 'bout done here. Good luck adjusting to liters and meters, Emily.


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