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TO EMILY GRAEBER (Island View escapee):

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DO NOT attempt to contact your parents until you are over the age of 18!

DO NOT reveal yourself to ANYONE you cannot absolutely trust - THIS INCLUDES ALL FAMILY MEMBERS WHO DID NOT HELP YOU ESCAPE - in any way!

DO NOT use your real name if at all possible.

CHANGE YOUR APPEARANCE as much as you can.

LEAVE THE COUNTRY if at all possible!

Assume that your parents WILL send you back to that hellhole if at all possible.

YOU ARE BEING TRACKED BY THE FEDS. Find a new hiding spot if the person hiding you ever showed up with you on any security camera.

TO THE FBI: Fucking investigate Island View itself while you're at it, huh?

the above advice is very good advice!  I thought about writing something like that myself.... but didn't know where to post it!

to Emily's parents: I'm sure you are worried sick... however, you never should have put her in a place like Island View in the first place... you should have been more worried about her safety and well being while she was at Island View than you are worried about her right now.  To put your mind as ease, as long as there has been no foul play (which I doubt there was) Emily is probably safer now than she was when she was in the program.

FBI - Investigate Island View (specifically W. Kimball DeLaMare) instead of looking for Emily. Emily is probably FINE!  Now it's all of the other kids in Island View that I'm worried about!   :flame:

She remained on the plane and continued to San Francisco.

If she has some wilderness skills (and the most of Aspen's clients has because they have been on wilderness boot camps before the therapists fooled the parents into paying for a stay in another department in the Aspen company) she can try to make it up to Canada.

(Source:) ... 82007.html

The Shawn Hornbeck Foundation is actively involved in this case, and we are very concerned about Emily's welfare.  We have talked extensively with Emily's parents, and can assure EVERYONE that Emily WILL NOT be sent back to Island View.  We are all just worried about Emily, and want to make sure she is OK.

Everything we do is about protecting kids, and we would never do anything to put Emily in jeopardy or make her do something against her will.  If she doesn't want to contact her parents that's fine - just contact us to let US know you are OK.  We're working night and day to make sure Emily is safe, and would appreciate any help anyone can provide to help us make sure Emily is safe.

Emily or anyone else with information or who is willing to help can contact us Toll-Free at 1-866-495-HOPE, or can contact us via our websites at or

Thanks for your consideration.

Craig Akers
The Shawn Hornbeck Foundation, Inc.
Helping to Bring Them Home!

Ah! It looks like it took some rather stark advice to get people like Mr. Akers on this board. Thank you, original poster, but I would also like to contradict you, because Mr. Graeber has been reading the .info network (linked to from your post) as well as Fornits. I honestly don't think a family law practicioner can retain a pro-Island View (or any other shitpit) stance after being here for a while, so Emily is probably safe at this point going back to him.

(Assuming, of course, that her parents are worth living with in the first place. She may be objectively better off where she is...)

Mr. Akers, I'm surprised your organization hasn't long since taken a position on these places. Even the most cursory browsing of Fornits tells of escapes (some successful), abuses, and deaths.


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