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I like to beat dead horses!


I like to beat dead horses! new site,

Check out the picture album!!!

Someone at the Alumni forum even called the whole site a sham.

Funny Shit!


Re: I like to beat dead horses! Yeah I don't think they have cleaned up their act much. Isn't that the place where that cousin of the Kennedys confessed to killing a girl in a 70's?

"Do you know a private school where 80% of the students develop post traumatic stress disorder?"

Answer: Slavish discipline makes a slavish temper... If severity carry'd to the
highest pitch does prevail, and works a cure upon the present unruly
distemper, it often brings in the room of it a worse and more dangerous
disease, by breaking the mind; and then, in the place of a disorderly young
fellow, you have a low spirited moap'd creature, who, however with his
unnatural sobriety he may please silly people, who commend tame unactive
children, because they make no noise, nor give them any trouble; yet at
last, will probably prove as uncomfortable a thing to his friends, as he
will be all his life an useless thing to himself and others... Beating them,
and all other sorts of slavish and corporal punishments, are not the
discipline fit to be used in the education of those we would have wise,
good, and ingenuous men...
John Locke, 1692

sullyceltic: wow, scott. you weren't kidding!

yea!!! send your kids away!!!! look

at them - so happy!!! whalewatching

off the coast of maine!!! hiking in the

green moutains of vermont!!!

just sign here and this will be your child

in no time! hooray!!!



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