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Death at Kids boot camp
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2001, 11:55:15 AM »
Re: Death at Kids boot camp
Check out the Fort Powell Link on the page.

The place looks like a prison complete with gaurd towers.

Jesse Jackson and Colin Powell are members as well.

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Death at Kids boot camp
« Reply #3 on: July 02, 2001, 12:20:10 AM »
yell or get yelled at... and the "ego"
if i remember correctly, i believe i motivated on day 1.

my intake was on a sunday evening and i got introduced

to the group around 6:00. there was intense pressure

in the room. i could feel it. i could really feel it when i was

new. i threw my arms in the air, and tried to do what everyone else was doing. i was terrified.

and then came my first friday night review. remember that?

i remember the staff memeber who used to lead it. man was that guy mean. he'd yell at you. humiliate you. make someone else yell at you. then make someone else yell at you. all the while in this hot, bright flourescent room with all of our parents just on the other side, hearing it all.

i don't know what that guy is doing now. i have no idea.

what bothers me, hearing about the death of that 14 year old in arizona, is that this guy was GOD - or at least he thought he was. programs like straight, kids, and safe and others breed these types of people. maybe out of a group of 100, you only get two like that, but you still get 'em.

i was never forced to eat dirt while in straight. i was pretty "compliant" back then. but i saw kids restrained on the

floor for days and weeks. i saw kids get yelled at perpetually by staff and other "clients".

that whole type of environment creates that type of person.

the type of person who humiliates and physically abuses others. the lights, the building, the temperature, the food,

the motivating, the rules, the yelling, the consequences,

the sleep depravation... all worked to occasionally create a monster of anothe kind.

not the kind of monster who would terrorize their parents, skip school and get high. now - the kind of monster that gets their highs from any kind of degradation/torture

of human beings that they now feel superior to.

"as I slooshied, i knew such lovely pictures"

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Death at Kids boot camp
« Reply #4 on: July 01, 2001, 04:01:42 AM »
Death at Kids boot camp
That is perhaps one of the saddest parts about these things. You can't just blame these junior staff for everything, afterall most of them went through the same thing, they are as much victims of these programs as the current captives. The blame falls on the individual junior staffers while the real evil, the program operators and senior staff never even stand trial. Investigators and prosecuters need to understand that they cannot place blame on the individual junior staff because the junior staff in order to gain their position, have long since surrendered their individuality. Kids in these programs have killed to attract attention to their plight, preferring life in prison to another day in one of these places.

They really are cults, I came agree with this conclusion after searching for a good way to explain to people who had never heard about them, how these places operate without spending an hour trying to define it. They are cults, they preach 'agreement' (obedience), and they believe that they are the only ones who can save the children. Whether or not these places are claiming to be based on a particular faith or secular, they are cults, the program is the religion, blind obedience is the only mitzvah and thinking for yourself is the deadliest sin. The unforgivables include leaving the program and speaking out about the abuses.

What can be done to stop these people? They recognize no laws, no authority beyond their own. They tolerate regulation because they just violate the laws until they get caught, then they claim they did not know about the law or their lawyer told them it did not apply to them, or they just tie it up in court and get the program parents to file suit as well, so it makes the government look bad. Even when they lose, they win, the operators are never convicted of anything, even when the facility is shut down, they just flee the state, and set up shop somewhere else.

I had never really given those "faith based initiatives" of W much thought, until lately when I began reading about places in Florida and Texas that have successfully set up shop and avoided regulation under church based self-accreditation systems, that were made legal in the states governed by the BUSH brothers. What a great system, instead of government regulators, trained in social work and mental health, we get to have a convention of Soul Torturers decide their own rules. Did you know that in Florida, these cult gulag schools cannot be inspected by child and health authorities because they have self-accreditation and are not under their jurisdiction. They could be killing people in there and no one would know except the parents who probably would not even care, afterall they hardly care when their kids get mind-raped.  

Slavish discipline makes a slavish temper... If severity carry'd to the
highest pitch does prevail, and works a cure upon the present unruly
distemper, it often brings in the room of it a worse and more dangerous
disease, by breaking the mind; and then, in the place of a disorderly young
fellow, you have a low spirited moap'd creature, who, however with his
unnatural sobriety he may please silly people, who commend tame unactive
children, because they make no noise, nor give them any trouble; yet at
last, will probably prove as uncomfortable a thing to his friends, as he
will be all his life an useless thing to himself and others... Beating them,
and all other sorts of slavish and corporal punishments, are not the
discipline fit to be used in the education of those we would have wise,
good, and ingenuous men...
John Locke, 1692

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