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Full Page Seed Ad
« on: November 26, 2007, 05:23:02 PM »
Hi All, Below is the text of a full page with a few of my thoughts about it beforehand. I apologize it's so long!

Danielle Remembers

What childhood items have you kept? I’ve kept my teddy bear, my first dictionary, Valentine cards I’d made for my parents, rocks that reminded me of special trips, petrified wood from Arizona, a pink crystal from our home in California, a heart shaped pebble from the first time I stood on a Florida beach; a newspaper clipping with a the photo showing my French teacher, a few other students and myself, eating escargot at a local French restaurant--immediately before I was yanked out of school and dumped into The Seed; and everything that I had from The Seed--the Seed T-shirt, my moral inventories and a full page newspaper advertisement touting that The Seed is “THE BEST, the MOST SUCCESFUL, THE LARGEST, and the MOST ECONOMICAL drug rehabilitation program of its type in the world!
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