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About the AARC Survivor Forums
« on: October 22, 2007, 09:15:48 PM »
I started the AARC Survivor forums as a place for former members of AARC to connect with one another and share their stories. Many victims of AARC fear coming out and telling their story for many reasons, and I hoped that online could be a safe getaway for graduates and escapee's to unite and speak comfortably.

immediately after creating the forum AARC staff members and current members began posting, and leaving verbally violent posts towards survivors, sometimes evening threatening them. These members are still the most active members of this site, as you will see when reading through the posts.

Today these forums have done more than I could have asked for in terms of helping AARC victims. Survivors connect through posts and private message and have created support for one another. While at the same time, AARC staff shows the rest of the world what their behavior is like, and a hint towards what undergoing an AARC "R.A.P" is like.

I do not actively moderate this site and I allow all threatening, violent,and disturbing posts to be made, but I hope that Survivors will continue to feel welcome and safe here.

It's my personal recommendation that any survivors seek outside help of some kind. I also suggest reading about thought reform. Some helpful books I've discovered are:

"Captive Hearts Captive Minds" by Madeleine Ladau Tobias and Janja Lalich.

"Combatting Cult Mind Control" by Steve Hassen, and

"Recovery From Abusive Groups" by Wendy Ford.

If you know of someone who has been placed in AARC and you can not contact them, please contact the Calgary police. If you were in AARC against your will or have witnessed a crime (such as someone being restrained or strip searched), please report it to the police. There is no time limit on reporting these crimes.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding AARC feel free to private message me.
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