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« on: October 28, 2007, 06:18:03 PM »
Just some interesting chatter that came up on a google alert

Quote from: ""in ronpaul2008 @ 2007-10-27 14:50:00, Paul Eres (rinku)""

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There have been a few mentions in (typically anti-Paul) blogs that:

- The owner of Stormfront (a racist forum) donated $500 to the Paul campaign.
- The Stormfront forum has that donation flash animation embedded on it (anyone can embed it on any site).
- Alex Jones donated $2300 to the Paul campaign.
- The Paul campaign payed Alex Jones $1300 for an unknown reason.

The whole idea of guilt by association is stupid of course, but I also find it strange that they're focusing this much attention on things like that, considering:

Giuliani employed Monsignor Alan Placa, a priest expelled from the Catholic church after being implicated for child abuse.

Romney employed Larry Craig, the Senator who was charged with sexual misconduct.

Romney employed Robert Lichfield, who is now facing charges of child abuse.

I'm not even saying any of the Romney or Giuliani things are that bad, they have a right to hire whoever they want, even if they're child abusers, but compared to that being supported by the 9/11 truthers or racists seems like it'd be a lesser black mark. ... 63125.html

... followed by discussion.
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it's over our heads
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