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Scheff/PURE Program Harbor Oaks Neglectful by State of NC


Harbor Oaks Boarding School - North Carolina has been found neglectful by the State of North Carolina.

Reportedly, Sue Scheff/PURE refers children to this program; and Scheff's young daughter and new son-in-law work as "counselors" at this program. Many regard this as a conflict of interest.

Bernie Farrow, previous "counselor" at Whitmore Academyalso previously worked at Harbor Oaks Boarding School; but the owner Patricia Jones reports that Bernie Farrow is no longer employed at this facility.

Scheff also had a lawsuit filed against her and Focal Point Academy on July 31, 2007.  

Documents regarding both Focal Point Academy lawsuit and Harbor Oaks can be read on the Troubled Teen Industry thread.

There appears to be many similarities between Harbor Oaks and Whitmore Academy according to the documents posted on ISAC; who has placed Harbor Oaks on it's Watch List of abusive facilities.  PURE is also on ISAC's Watch List.

Anonymous: ... glect.html

Madison County Department of Social Services neglect findings re:
Harbor Oaks Boarding School


Parental Letter - complaint against Harbor Oaks Boarding School.

This Parental Letter regarding Harbor Oaks has many of the same complaints stated against Whitmore Academy:
Parent was referred to Harbor Oaks by PURE.
That word "con artist" comes up again!
The parent complains about a lack of therapy; and about a counselor with credential problems
The parents complains about an employee punching her son.
The parent complains about inadequate and lacking academics.
The parent complains about expiration dates on food.

This parent sums thins up saying, "none of the things I was promised happened."

Will Scheff be blogging about this complaining parent?


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