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Harbor Oaks -Scheff/Pure Program Neglectful by State of NC

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ISAC has placed Harbor Oaks Boarding School on its Watch List; and the State of NC has substantiated allegations of reported neglect.

Reportedly Sue Scheff/PURE refers children to this facility; and reportedly Scheff's daughter Ashlyn works at this facility as a "counselor."

Documents are posted on the Troubled Teen Industry thread.


Look for the comment posted by a former student of Harbor Oaks.

Unfortunately, it appears this kid is barely literate.

Bitter instead of better (or was that a Freudian slip?)

Meat instead of meet.  

How sad that a child and not a parent would come to the defense of a program under investigation.  Not what I would personally expect, at all.

Another Sue Scheff referral program with counselors hired who do not have college degrees?  Where's the accountablility?


--- Quote ---Harbor Oaks Boarding School Renovates for Counseling Staff, StudentsWEBWIRE – Saturday, November 03, 2007
Contact Information Pat Jones
Harbor Oaks Boarding School
[email protected] MARS HILL, NC -- Harbor Oaks Boarding School is pleased to announce the completion of a “faceliftâ€
--- End quote ---

Think about it, the students are cheap labor.


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