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So, I had a run in with Lexi Spett in my younger years and she sent me to two places... but that's another story.

4 years later I'm in college and it's my last day of my Psych 3200 "psychological tests" class. My professor has her PHD in psychology and is teaching this class part time due to her full time job as, none other than, a placement test evaluator herself.  But she seemed too nice to one of those "educational consultants"...   so I had to ask her opinion on educational consulting. Mind you, she also deals with horrific cases and finds placement suggestions for children who had been raped, done drugs, have school troubles, and have personality disorders as well...

She looked at me completely horrified. What I got from our conversation to follow was that boot camps and attachment therapy is in NO WAY a mainstream treatment idea.  She says she can't believe these places still exist and haven't been shut down. On top of that, there is no research backing up the reliability or validity of this kind of therapy. It is dangerous, abusive, and does more harm than good.

Be forewarned that tacking the word "therapeutic" in front of every sentence in no way means "psychologically valid or reliable method of treatments".


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