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Alexandra Spett goes by Lexi Spett, not Lexy. She works for Bodin Associates who is on ISAC's watch list.

Yeah, Lexi Spett appears to be just another typical ed con artist. She doesn't appear to do any screening of kids referred to her for placement. If you wave the $5,000 fee in front of her, she will put your kid in a program.

In case you are new to this scam, when you send your kid to a wilderness program, after they have been there for a few weeks, the program will suggest you get a psych eval on your kid. Naturally, the psych eval comes back saying the kid needs to be placed in a therapeutic boarding school. This happens nearly 100% of the time. Then, the 'therapist' at the wilderness program will recommend you use an ed con artist to help you find the 'best program to fit the specific and unique needs of your child.'  Since you don't know any ed con artist, the therapist will suggest one, such as Lexi Spett. Then, it appears that Lexi Spett will suggest 3 or 4 programs that all have some sort of ties to the people that referred you to her. I doubt if Lexi Spett has ever told any parent that their child did not need residential therapy.

This is a very incestuous industry. There are only about 70 some facilities in the entire US, and most of the facilities are owned by a handful of bigger companies, so you are talking about maybe a few dozen different owners in total. Figure that the typical ed con artist probably has some sort of sweet heart deal with nearly every, if not every, owner of a residential therapeutic facility in the entire US.

Think about it, this is a $1 billion a year industry, with only 70 some facilities.  When you show a photo of your kid to Lexi Spett or any other ed con artist, the only thing they see are dollar signs.

Please do your homework before posting false information on the internet as if it were fact.

The industry you are slandering provides legitimate services to families in need.  The professionals you are slandering have extensive education and experience in the therapeutic industry and strive to provide excellent treatment and/or treatment options.

Please do not generalize and assume that all Educational Consultants are con artists.  As with any profession, some are better than others.  

Lexy is at the top of the profession and does not deserve to be attacked.



--- Quote from: ""Someone who knows"" ---Please do not generalize and assume that all Educational Consultants are con artists.  As with any profession, some are better than others.  
--- End quote ---

Yes, in any profession some workers are better than others. For example, some rapists are only mediocre, while others excel

I hate generalizations about professions. One example of generalizations that people make about professions, is that all con artists are con artists. Another generalization, is that all post-men are involved with mail transfer, somehow, or that veterinarians administer, in some way, to animals.

Please do not generalize. Making accurate statements about what I do for a living threatens my lifestyle

Wonder if this Lexy and someone like, say Sue Scheff have they ever honestly told a parent, "NO, your child does not need to go to a treatment facility; but thanks for asking for my opinion anyway."
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