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She claims to have a masters in social work, but appears to be willing to send a child off to a therapeutic boarding school even when there is no clinical justification for it.

Ms. Spett has a master's degree in psychology and is a licensed therapist. She has always worked within the ethical and legal bounds of her license. You should check your facts before spreading lies!

Thanks douchebag, now we know we have to go after her.

Any more dirt on this cunt?

I have to wonder if the person who posted the insulting remarks about ms. spett is really only upset beause their child needed out of home care do to their own poor parenting and Ms. Spett was asked to step in and make recommendations to potentially save the childs life.  The information provided is inaccurate, she is a Licensed MFT and has been working in this industry for over a decade.  My family worked with Ms. Spett and found her to be professional, compassionate, thorough and highly clinically savvy.  She advocated for our child, was able to hold our hands through a  very difficult process and continues to support all of us as we navigate a world we never dreamed of being in need of.  Seems to me that the disatisfation is based on wanting her to capitulate to a parents demands, not what was in the childs best interest.  I recommend any parent reading this to consider the source of the complaint and the accuracy and intent behind the claims.


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