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SLS in Brewster, NY?

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Anyone been there?

They are being sued in a class action lawsuit - and have been accused of various instances of abuse - ... cility.htm

You can read about former members ordeals - here

I'm not sure if anyone else has been there - or heard about it, but I wanted to know.

if they are not a wwasp or teen program this is the wrong place to post red lion

They appear to treat a mixture of teens and young (?) adults.  Their methods sound frightening.  A lot of brainwashing and intimidation.  They have this confrontational group seminar called APD where the patients attack each other and assign consequences.  Sounds very similar philosophically to some of the programs on fornits.

Thanks Ursus. That's the tip of the iceberg. But yeah, it's a mixture of residents. They had the guy Evan Marshall as a resident there who "eloped" (haha!) and ended up brutally killing some woman when he went back home. They found her head in the trunk of his car. Supoosedly now, they don't allow "violent" felons in.

But basically, alot of ex-"members" (more SLS-speak) have been speaking out about the abuse and the class action lawsuit has begun to pick up steam. The NY Ofiice of Mental health has yanked their operating certificates but they are still open for business as usual. Go figure.


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