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Counselor burned, beaten, doused with bleach
MOUNT PLEASANT, New York (AP) --A counselor at a center for troubled teens was in critical condition Saturday after six girls allegedly burned and beat her and poured bleach on her face, police said.

"She was just overwhelmed by the number of attackers," police Chief Louis Alagno said.

The 32-year-old victim, whose name was not released, was the only adult in a 16-girl cottage at Pleasantville Cottage School when she was attacked Thursday night, Alagno said.

The girls punched, kicked, stomped and scratched the counselor, then "doused her with rubbing alcohol and set it on fire," Alagno added. "They continued to beat her and then doused her face with chlorine bleach."

Six girls, ages 15 and 16, were arrested and arraigned Friday on second-degree attempted murder charges. All six were ordered held without bail.

The school is run by the Jewish Child Care Association and houses 195 children with behavioral problems.

The above post was a 2/10/02 article from CNN and the AP.  Here is the link to the JCCA

Why was the 32 year old counselor the only adult in a 16-girl cottage at Pleasantville Cottage School when she was attacked.  This is so typical of poorly run centers.  There should always be more than one adult in any child care center or your run the risk of the adult being very abusive.  IN this case, the adult was the one abused.  But you have to ask yourself why.  Perhaps she's been abusing the children.  Children don't lash out at a person, EVEN IF they have behavioral problems, for absolutely no reason.  With the hatred that these actions showed, chances are the counselor has not always been the shining example of what a child center's counselor is supposed to be like.  I don't know what happened but I have my suspicions and will be doing some more investigating.

Hmm, just goes to show, if you kidnap, torture, and brainwash a kid it is therapy but if the kid fights back it is a crime. Of course that may not apply to this case, but I don't think a legitimate professional facility would keep a 16 to 1 staff ratio. Of course some of the worst advertise a 1 to 1 ratio but that means that is deceptive in that it makes parents think there are therapists and professional staff at 1 to 1 as opposed to a 1 to 1 ratio of students to strong armed creeps.

This could be like that case a couple years ago where some kids were trying to escape and this one kid tried to rat them out and they killed him and ended up in a standoff with police. I believe that one of the kids got life in prison but said he preferred it to one more day where he was.

Or of course it is entirely possible that the JCCA runs a legitimate program. If so, then it is possible this particular counselor was abusive or that the girls just attacked her because they have serious behavioral problems.

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this is tommyfromhyde
This thread reminded me that in '75-'76
school year a couple of kids tried to burn
down the Hyde School main building (called
the mansion). Matt, your friend must have
been there. This happened the year before I
was there and I heard the story during the
following Summer School. I think two kids
were prosecuted for arson.

Oh man! Prison's not that bad, either for you or for your kids. Please don't hurt yourself! If only for them right now. Whatever happens, they'll have questions and you need to be there to give them answers.

That's shitty what that lawyer said. Maybe that could buy him some sanction for malpractice and you a new trial or something.

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