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Right Way Academy
« on: July 31, 2007, 09:47:04 PM »

Counselor Accused Of Helping Morning Star Teen Escape
(WOOLFORD, MD -- WMDT) 4/11/2007

Photographer: Matt Mills

A 17-year-old student is still missing after he escaped from the Morning Star Youth facility last month in Woolford. Now a counselor at that facility is charged with helping him leave the state of Maryland.

Dorchester County Sheriff James Phillips says, "She was there as a counselor, and I would liken it to a school teacher and a student. It's not acceptable and it's illegal."

Sheriff James Phillips is talking about 25-year-old Amanda Beavers. He says, she helped the boy escape from the Vision Quest Morning Star Youth Facility for troubled teens in March.

He says, "We received a tip from staff at Vision Quest. Apparently, info had come their way that she may have been involved inappropriately with the young man."

Friday, Beavers turned herself in to the Sheriff's Department. Sheriff Phillips says Beavers drove the boy from Maryland to Ohio. He says he doesn't know where the teen is now.

Phillips says, "I wish I knew ... somewhere in Ohio. We haven't recovered him yet."

This isn't the first time Phillips has had to deal with an escape from Morning Star. In less than one month the facility has had six escapes.

Jeremy Smith is the Director at Morning Star. He says, "We've upgraded our staffing and we're really working with the community first and foremost."

Beavers is now facing charges of second degree child abuse. Sheriff Phillips says they're still looking for the teen in Ohio.

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Very interesting.
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