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Anyone else have experience with this "emotional growth school"? Heads up on this one-so many red flags, very sketchy. Its been growing over the last few years, and attempting to open a 2nd facility. In the meantime they are cramming beds anywhere they can fit them. Accounting practices are creative to say the least. Therapy is added on at very high cost, on top of tuition. They don't spell this out.

There have been quite a few girls from the US sent there.  Definitely not the place for a child with mental health issues. They seem to have a reciprocal agreement going with wilderness placements in Utah..alot  of girls get sent to wilderness before they are sent back or to other US facilities such as Island View.

Monitoring phone calls, reading mail etc is typical. Most parents have no clue what is really going on there.There is no liscencing or overview by the gov't. The Ministry of Education assigns credits, but it does not in any way oversee the quality of those courses or teaching staff. Its a level system, and not uncommon to make it close to the top and be knocked back down to incoming. Contact with parents is very restricted.

Hi - thanks for the note - I am Canadian and was reviewing Roclyn Academy as a potential school for my daughter, before I found out about all the abuse occurring in all these residential programs.  I was wondering what it was like there especially since there seems to be so few programs available in Canada -now I know that's a good thing!!   I am shocked at how rampant the problems seem to be, but after researching the industry it is clear why that is the case - there is alot of money involved, and nothing in place to stop it.  One of the sites I looked at had a link where you could watch the entire congressional hearing from OCt 10/07 with George Millar about these schools - excellent - anyone affected by these programs would be sure to like seeing it - people are starting to do something to help the kids......

Program advertised as:

Rocklyn Academy is a leadership school specially suited to high school-aged girls who are sensitive, intuitive, creative and intelligent.  Often such young women encounter difficulties in traditional school settings and the home environment.

Rocklyn Academy offers young women enriched academics, individual and group counselling and a positive social and personal growth environment at a time in their lives when such goals may be overshadowed by negative distractions and challenging personal dynamics.

We provide an educational and residential setting structured to promote a safe and nurturing environment.

Program Reality:

Hello. I discovered your site and am extremely relieved I found somewhere that might be able to help me. I have received reports of absuse in a so called therapeutic boarding school that has not yet been listed on your site. It's called Rocklyn Academy, located in Meaford Ontario Canada. My friend was sent to that school and came back reporting some disturbing things. First upon arrival there was a strip search including a squat tests and a full cavity search. From what I have gathered this did not occur only on intake. She reported gaining weight due to the fact that for the first several months at the school she was not allowed outside and denied exercise. On the website it states that girls on lower levels must be escorted by staff of upper level students while outside. They list an equestrian program on the website but it is only avaiable to upper level girls. Phone calls are monitored by therapists and terminated if the therapist deems the student is being "manipulative", on lower levels phone calls are limitted to one 15 minute phone call per week to parents only. Trips home must be earned and the school is open 365 days per year. Punishments are disturbing involving taking away their hair brushes and limitting the amount of toilet paper they can use. I assume this means they have to ask permission to se the bathroom. The punishments are not listed on the website though the potential "rewards" for moving up levels are. It is stated on the wesite that punishments will be told in the application package. Eating disorder and self-injurous behavious is listed on the website with the other punishable offenses, as is "inappropriate behaviour" ie. kissing or sharing beds. No staff are listed on the website and there are no indoor photos of the facility, only one shot from the edge of campus. The doctor (G.P. or psychiatrist I'm not sure) is under investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for not having a medical degree. My friend also told me there were some things she couldn't talk about because they were "scary" She was kept in this school despite being over the age of 16.
While my friend no longer attends I am deeply concerned for the girls left there. I would like to get the word out so parnts are vary of this school and if possible have an investigation conducted.

Endorsing body:

IECA: ... de=execute

Contact: Nancy Coulbourn Ike M.Ed., CEP
Phone: 513-271-4044
Email: ... sit03.html

Nancy is also a NATSAP affiliate:

If someone can arrange for the application package to appear on Wikileaks so we can link to it from our datasheet about this program, please let this thread know it when it is done.

I found an enrollment form. ... ration.pdf

Parents and guardians financially responsible for the girl named below are required to sign this agreement in duplicate, and return both copies along with payment of the non-refundable tuition (payment option 1) or the tuition deposit and first monthís
installment (for payment options 2) or 3) to Rocklyn Academy. One copy will be countersigned and returned to you.

Name of student: ______________________________________
Full names, complete physical addresses and phone numbers of both parents and/or guardians:

Father Mother

In consideration of acceptance of the Registration and Enrolment Agreement by Rocklyn Academy, the undersigned agree to pay the required Tuition for the above-named student for the above-specified enrollment term. I/We further agree to be financially responsible for all expenses incurred by the student during the currency of this agreement. All payments made are non-refundable.

(Tuition Fees are subject to change without notice)
Payment Options
Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
42,600.00 Deposit 9,500.00 Deposit 9,500.00
month 1 6,860.00 month 1 4,437.50
month 2 6,860.00 month 2 4,437.50
month 3 6,860.00 month 3 4,437.50
month 4 6,860.00 month 4 4,437.50
month 5 6,860.00 month 5 4,437.50
month 6 4,437.50
month 7 4,437.50
month 8 4,437.50
Total Tuition 42,600.00 43,800.00 45,000.00

Additional charges for student activities and expenses at the school are estimated to cost approximately $6,000 for the twosemester
term as specified above. These additional charges will be billed to the students' personal accounts as they occur. Items falling under this category include: uniforms, tuck, horseback riding, skiing/boarding, weekend activities, stationery, medical expenses, special events and the counselling with our therapists.

Initials of parents or guardians

I understand that in accepting this Registration and Enrolment Agreement, Rocklyn Academy assumes an obligation to provide educational services to said student and others attending the Academy and incurs obligations, both financial and otherwise, including but not limited to administration expenses, for this purpose and accordingly my obligation to pay fees is unconditional and irrevocable, that no portion of the fee paid or outstanding will be refunded or cancelled in the event of absence, withdrawal, or dismissal from Rocklyn Academy of the above-named student.

I hereby declare that I have disclosed to Rocklyn Academy, all known background information relevant to the physical and emotional health of the applicant.
I understand that in signing this Registration and Enrolment Agreement I am agreeing to accept the rules and regulations of Rocklyn Academy and the rules governing the payment of fees described herein.

Furthermore, I understand that Rocklyn Academy reserves the right to deny classes and services to a girl should fees not have been paid by the required date, and acknowledge that Rocklyn Academy will assess a late payment charge on overdue balances at the rate of 2% per month (24% per annum) after the due date of this agreement and I agree to the policy of Rocklyn Academy that a final report card will be withheld until all accounts are paid in full. It is further agreed that any negotiable cheques that are returned by the bank for any reason shall be assessed at an
administration fee of $50.00.

A statement of charges to the studentís account will be sent out periodically during the year.

To reserve a place for a student, a non-refundable cheque in full payment of the Tuition or Tuition Deposit and both copies of this Registration and Enrolment Agreement must be forwarded to Rocklyn Academy. This instrument shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario. In particular, it is agreed that the fees and tuition paid or outstanding will be considered liquidated damages.

I give approval to my daughterís participation in all the schoolís programs and activities including without limitation, participation in physical education and athletic programs and activities, acknowledge that such participation involves risks and hazards incidental thereto, all of which are expressly assumed and do hereby waive, release and absolve and agree to indemnify and save harmless, Rocklyn Academy, its employees and agents of and from any and all liability arising there from, except suchas shall arise solely as a consequence of its or their willful neglect or default.

I agree that all pictures, still or video, taken of my daughter may be used for public relations.

Signatures of both parents and/or guardians who are financially responsible for the student.
___________________ ____________________________________
Date Parent / Guardian
___________________ ____________________________________
Date Parent / Guardian
Date: _______________________ ________________________________

Of particular notice: the second last paragraph where they ask parents to waive blame if the students is harmed unless due to "willful neglect" so accidental neglect is okay? Also the tuition amount increases with more installments which means parents will likely lose more money withdrawing their daughters early.... they also state MULTIPLE TIMES that tuition fees will not be refunded if the students is withdrawn/kick out etc. They mention only education and only mention "counselling" once..... while informing the parents that in a therapeutic school such as this "counselling" is an extra expense which will be billed to them separately... as will gym. Basically the entire enrollment application focusses on getting parents to sign on that they will pay Rocklyn no matter what happens..... Probably a good statement of the interests of the school.


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