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--- Quote from: ""Concerned Counselor"" ---Thanks for your response.
I have too heard all of these supposed facts about the school which is one reason why I chose to ask you all how your experience was for you at the school.  I am trying to get to the bottom of this information to discover if the way the school is being run is unethical or not.  I appreciate your feed back with the positive twist.  I am considering working at the school one day and I would love to be a positive influence on girls such as yourself.  I too went to boarding school, was a deginerate of sorts, and have the desire to help people.  I think I would be an asset to MMS, I am only hoping that I can be an effective counselor one day.  CC
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Straight up from a person like me who was in this industry for nearly 4 years... Don't do it.

Join the peace corp  instead.

If this research (linked below) is in any indicator of some of the problematic aspect of MMS then I would say ethics is the least of the problems of Mission Mountain School.

Best, kat ... &Itemid=35


--- Quote from: ""concernedcounselor"" ---Hey,
I have looked at the NATSAP ethics and one that stood out in my mind that I know is an issue at MMS is the proper diet for the students.  I heard from former staff that John recently cut the diet down to 1,800 calories a day for the students and that is unaccpetable even for a diet camp.  Was this an issue when there that you know of?
Also this faculty member told me that the students only had class from 9-12am, is this also true?
Another thing I heard is that John takes the girls to town to shop at Home Depot and fill up the van with things to be unloaded when they return home, does this have any merit?
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So i went to mission mountain is 2005- 2006 the diet was cut because we got almost no exercise and everyone was gaining a ton of weight  parents and the girls were complaining. The meals were also 4 huge meals a day and once I was so full I couldn't eat anymore but the expectation was eat everything I sat there in tears trying to stuff my face while all of the girls had to wait for me in silence to finish. John didn't do things llike take us out when I was there but I have heard it is different because I left in feb. 2006. Classes were always a problem I was at MMS for 9 months and got almost no school credit.


--- Quote from: ""montanastudent"" ---Hi Girls,
I am a student in the Swan Valley Mt and I am in need of some examples of unethical treatment of former students of Mission Mountain School.  I am writting a research paper about the school and need some first hand accounts from you as gratuates about your experiences.  I have been reading through some of your stories and I am just wondering if there is anyone who I could interview with a phone call out there?  
I am familiar with John and Colleen, I have nannied for their children on and off for several years.  I have some idea of what goes on at the school, but I would love more information from anyone who would like to help me with my research paper. is on ethics.  I too went to boarding school, but did not have the type of experiences that you all did.  I was a reballious teenager too and got into to plenty of trouble myself.  So please, anyone who wants to talk, I would love to set up a conversation.  Thanks
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I would be more than willing to talk to you my email address is [email protected]

is there an email address where we can write you?  I don't want to post mine on here.  I can tell you who  I am but I don't want to say on the forum.  Thanks.


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