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A Few Websites To Read Other's Thoughts on Teen Challenge

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To learn more about Teen Challenge, I highly recommend paying a visit to the following websites:

"Investigating Teen Challenge"- at http://

"Investigating Teen Challenge" Web Forum at- http://, which is now proudly hosted on Fornits Home for Wayward Web Fora Forum (http://, which covers many of the Treatment Abuse, Behavior Modification, Thought Reform facilities! (This is the website you're on right now! :D )

"Teen Challenge Exposed" at- http://

A very active thread about Teen Challenge at-  http://

Another thread on Teen Challenge at- http://

A Thread at The Bismarck Tribune - http://

Many more opinions about Teen Challenge can be found here-  http://

Returning to Sanity - http://

NEW: A new thread about Teen Challenge called- 'Subsidized Religion in MA' at Aces Full of Links- http://

NEW: The Texas Faith-Based Initiative at Five Years: Warning Signs as President Bush Expands Texas-style Program at National Level-http://

(Note: If you cannot open the above pdf file, you can download the "Foxit Reader", which is a free PDF document viewer and printer.  http://

NEW: To learn more about the the faith-based initiative, go to Americans United for Separation of Church and State website- "The 'Faith-Based' Initiative- Churches, Social Services & Your Tax Dollars" http://

NEW: Charitable Choice, Faith-Based Partnerships, and the Public Funding Of Religion- http://


NEW: Faith Without Works-http://

I am also posting the following web forum just in case someone feels it would suit them- , the Ex-Pentecostal Forum - http://  

Note: You can read more about the Ex-Pentecostal Forum at the Association of Former Pentecostals - http://


JESUS ‘LOVE-BOMBS' YOU - By Chris Hedges.

Yes please go to all of those. You will see a recurring theme. Almost every message board thread has been started by the guy who wrote the website You will see Karly and him on every one of those threads. You will also see various confused people who have been thru TC and successfully completed the program or have a relative who has. Wy are they confused? Because Karly and Michael are making such wild-eyed claims about an organization they know to be an effective one thru personal experience, something Karly does not have concerning Teen Challenge. You will also see Michael make the statement that he would rather live next door to Al Qaeda instead of a pentecostal.

Go to all of her links. You will find more than one that is just simply people against Christianity. and that is simply a case of difference in religious beliefs.

Please research beyond what Karly has tried to lay out before you. She has never been in Teen Challenge, has never seen their curriculum, does not know how the program is even structured or how it works. She couldn't tell you what the courses cover or what methods of counselling are used. The truth is she is someone who doesn't believe in residential drug treatment and tha tis what is driving her attacks against Teen Challenge.

Firebird, STFU you pompous ass! Do you have any idea how insulting you are? Don't worry, we can think for ourselves, thanks very much!

And here's a little history for ya. Not too long ago at all, nobody but program vets and cult members knew anything at all about Straight, Inc. Even though they'd been sued numerous times and were constantly under investigation. Hell Arnold Trebach even dedicated a chapter in his early `80's book, The Great Drug War to Fred Collins trip through the program. Even so, if you asked around in 1999, very, very few people knew anything about the Program. It was just Scott Wagner with his one AOL page, then me and Wes and Kathy with the forum on CoolBoards. Don Smith played the role you're now playing. He's still the admin on the Yahoo group; Straight Inc Alumni. But, as it turns out, there were no thousands of proud happy super Straightlings to come tell us all what for.

It has to start somewhere. It's kind of amusing, though, watching you try to ply the same tactics here in the open wilds of Cyberia that worked so damned well for you on captives who didn't dare tell you just how fuckin nuts you are. See, you can't send me to prison or otherwise punish me so it won't work. But good luck with that!

Antigen's ghost--calm down. You really are losing it. I've been reading your responses to my response from a request by someone her eabout how tc works. My post and most others like it have done nothing more than either explain the Teen Challenge progam or challenge you and Karly's erroneous beliefs about it. I have not stooped to the insults that you have from the very first moment.

Your problem with Teen Challenge is based on complete ignorance of Teen Challenge. I will be here to continue to expose your falsehoods. I encourage everyone who comes to this site to thoroughly research any organization they wish to enter or refer a loved one to. By the way, you can order all of teh Teen Challenge curriculum and see for yourself what it's about. They used to charge about $10 a book. So once again, here i am, encouraging YOU and KARLY to actually research and learn about something before forming an opinion and prosyletizing others to your own twisted, uninformed viewpoint.

Also, Antigen's Ghost, what do you think is an effective way to help people cure their drug addiction? I've been browsing your site and see nothing that offers alternate solutions to helping addicts. What I see see is a general position that all residential rehabs are cults or cult-like---largely because they are reisdential and have rules. So, the military is also a cult, then......


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