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Coerced? No doubt! I would be willing to place bets that HLA threatened to kick her out and to not give her any academic credit unless she posted this apology. Graduation takes place on May 25th and since she's this close to finishing, there's no way she could risk not getting out of there.

Porsche - it's HLA who owes you and your family an apology. Feel free to post all you want when you finally get out of there.


--- Quote from: ""Three Springs Waygookin"" ---I thought the OP was being sarcastic. Is this genuine???
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Hey Y'all! Its Porsche again...Yesturday i posted an apology to HLA, HLA staff and students for sneaking onto this website and using it to bash HLA. What i forgot to mention was that i was not asked or forced to do this by HLA at all. They did NOT make me send that apology. It was my choice, therefor it WAS NOT coerced. After talking with HLA staff, my friends, and my family, I realized how much hurt i have caused them, so i decided to make the apology. it was the right thing to do, and again i do apologize for my actions.
      Porsche Taylor

P.S. I know now that i should wait to voice my opinions until i am free and to voice them in an appropriate way.

Be interesting to see what this young man has to say once he is outside of the reach of HLA.

Like I said somethings never change.

--- Quote ---Topic: HLA apologies
brianv. posted 8/12/04 3:28 AM
Recently, I made some comments on a post-reply website about Hidden Lake Academy that were untrue and immature. I thought that it would be funny to post up untrue things to have a laugh with my friends but all I did was look immature to the people who visit the website and to some of my friends. I apologize to anyone who has read my post ups and I regret doing them. I also apologize to Hidden Lake Academy and the staff, who work very hard to improve the lives of their students.
Brian A. Valdez
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Despite all the threats and coercion there was still some element of truth that sneaked out.

--- Quote --- I know now that i should wait to voice my opinions until i am free
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That's right Porsche, when youre free you cannot be punished for voicing your opinion. When youre free people cant force you into slave labor or limit your food simply because you disagree with you. They cant threaten to "lose" your transcripts or make you stay at a place you hate longer, simply because you hate it.

Youre almost through just hang on a little longer.


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