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Hello everyone this is Porsche. I am the one who posted the apology all those years ago. Yes i was coerced. Yes I HAD to. Yes they threatened me with graduating from RCI. Yes they threatened me in every way possible but i sucked it up and did it because I was so close to graduation. They were nothing but a bunch of manipulating liars up there, tho there were many staff that were awesome. Erin Bear, Allyson Harper, Lauren Brown, Laura Thomas... those were all REAL people who genuinely cared about our well beings. Half the staff up there just wanted to power trip and control innocent kids. Yes i grew in that program but no it was not easy. the whole program was a lie and i am so glad it was over. the only thing i am happy about  is making amazing memories and friends for life

Che Gookin:
Wow, some old faces here for sure. Wish I had seen this sooner. Will send a message to PorscheT and hope he/she replies to get more information.


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