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To whom it may concern:

    I would like to apologize to all HLA staff for threatening to sue HLA. I would also like to apologize for sneaking onto this website and posting innapropriate language to bash HLA.

I would like to especially apologize to my counselors Lance and Melanie Henson for betraying them. Y'all have only tried to help me in the past. You have ALWAYS advocated for me and had my back. I am sorry that i was selfish and i am sorry if i have hurt you or let you down.

 I would also like to apologize to my mother. I am sorry mom for not following our values. i am sorry for presenting myself as someone who has learned nothing but selfishness. I am sorry to my family for using such nasty language.

 And to all HLA students i am sorry that i have lost many of y'alls computer privilages.

I am going to only learn from this mistake, and i promise to all of you that i WILL NOT repeat it. Please forgive me for this mess that i have made. I will be working my hardest to clean it all up. Once again, i am deeply sorry for all the nasty things i have said about HLA, especially becasue they have given me more chances than i diserved.

                       Porsche Taylor

Well now that that's done it shouldnt be too much longer before they let you off restriction for voicing your opinion. It amazes me that even still despite all the claims by HLA staff how much things have changed, almost nothing has. This girl posted comments stating she hated HLA. For that she was punished. They have a word for that kind of thing.

It's okay Poochie we know your apology was coerced.

this just shows the kind of shit HLA resorts to in order to keep their name clean. but what they dont realize, is they are digging their own graves. this very apology is evidence of HLA's unethical bussiness practices. this letter SCREAMS "if i didnt write this apology i'd be digging holes chopping trees and cleanin up shit while getting yelled at by power hungry lunatics for another 7 days...or who knows how much longer". anyone who every spent any time on that campus, can see right through this.

HLA is going down, and i can assure you there is nothing buccelato can do to save his skin. lawsuit or not, you can't hide from karma. even if there not getting raped by bubba in a tiny cell, somethings gonna get them. freak accident, cancer, aids, maybe even some disgruntled kid (one of the one's he shouldnt have accepted) will see him one day and do him harm. maybe there just going to end up living a life in poverty and shame, blacklisted from every place they could make a decent living. thats karma.

I thought the OP was being sarcastic. Is this genuine???


--- Quote from: ""Three Springs Waygookin"" ---I thought the OP was being sarcastic. Is this genuine???
--- End quote ---

I believe it's coerced...

Still praying for you Porsche...


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