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Does VQ Even do Background Checks on it's Employees????


VisionQuest management in Arizona seems blithely unaware or unconcerned about quite a lot that goes on in and around the vicinity of their Elfrida facility. I’d like a member of the media to pose these questions to Mark Contento, executive vice president of the Tucson-based VisionQuest National Ltd.:

“One of your teachers at the Elfrida compound, Edward Acuna of Tucson, Arizona, has a lengthy record of criminal arrests, including charges filed for assault/resisting arrest, criminal damage, threats/intimidation and endangerment.  These arrests are a matter of public record easily discovered by searching and ... rch.asp?id. In one case, the charges were expunged as part of a deal after a lengthy probation, during which time Mr. Acuna was ordered to undergo mental health counseling and to abstain from alcohol. Mr. Acuna had a later Extreme DUI conviction, and yet continues to drink.

Was a thorough background investigation ever conducted on this individual before he was hired to work on a daily basis around at-risk youth? If not – is it or isn’t it your policy to investigate employees? If so – do you honestly feel it appropriate to have someone with such a questionable and unstable background mentoring troubled teenagers?”


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