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You asked for it, so here I am.  Another Roloff "survivor" as you call it.  I don't know who you are, but I am sure I was there at the same time you were because I too was there when the girl jumped out of the second story window.  I have two questions for: 1. What is wrong with you?  2.  Why are you lying about the Rebekah Home?  I was there for 2 years and was very happy to be there.  You must have been someone who didn't want to stop your street life and make a future for yourself.  Everything you said is a lie!  And I wish I knew your name so I could expose your behavior during your Rebekah stay, because like I said I must know who you are since you say you were at the home when I was there.  Shame on your wicked, evil self!  And how dare you talk like that about the Camerons!  They showed more parental love to us girls than our own parents.  May God have mercy on your wicked soul for your evil actions.

I've been reading a lot about the cases brought up against Leseter Roloff and his homes, including several personal testimonies.  I was wondering, did Roloff himself administer the various paddlings, etc., or was it always the "House Parents?"

I don't know anything about your own parents and your relationship with them but to compare the love of the Camerons with that of our parents is
unfair as everyone's exsperince is different.
I am a survivor of the rebekah home for girls, and
yes I do say survivor because to live with the
abandonment of one's family, to be thrust in to a unknown enviorment, with out coping skills, counseling, or a friend in the world to comfort you it is an achivement to have survived and come out normal, I am not saying that I did not come away with anything positive as I came away with a profound understanding of God's faithfulness and his ability to change a life. I do not belive that Brother Roloff was an evil person, on the contrary I belive he had a dream to help young people, and that dream and its fullfillment were not always shared by the people who worked for him, the Cameron's definately had there favorites who in my opinion were groomed to show a sense of control and acceptance by the flock. These girls showed enthusiasm of the hitler youth in their desire to find wrong in others and pray upon victims of the weaker less excepted youth. In an oragnization as large as Roloff industries it is next to impossible to control everyones actions good or bad and there for there were those who inflicted pain and suffering on a number of girls and wether or not it was done by staff or at the hands of those who roamed the halls handing out demerts seeking to destroy the weaker competition do not think the rest of us didn't notice, and suffering wasn't felt and heard from all around. Wether it was in a lock down room or in silent isolation of one's own quite thoughts. Iwas there and I remember from 1978 till the closing I belive it was in 1980.

I too am a survivor of the Rebekah Home.  I was sent there by my parents at the age of 14.  I was on drugs and my life was spinning out of control.  At the time i was there in 1971 Granny and Papa Weatherford were the ones running the home.  It was there that I came to know Jesus and turned my life around.  I am now 46 and often wonder where I would be now had i not gone to the home.  I can't say what happened in the following years there but I know while I was there it was a wonderful place.  After I left there I even chose to go back the next year on my own.  I would never have done that if it had been such an awful place.  I am thankful to Granny and Papa and to Br. Roloff for the changes I made in my life because of the home.

I too am a Rebekah "servivor".  I was in the home is the early 70's.  I have so many good memories and will forever be greatful to Br. Roloff, Granny,Papa and all the others that helped me so much while i was there.  My life was changed because of what i learned while i was there.


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