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I am a survivor of the Roloff Rebekah Home for Girls in Corpus Christi, Texas.
the place was a cult, They brainwashed and used mindcontrol on us girls, there was no choice to understand reality. You just had to be what they said. There was never a counselor. Windows cememted down, one girl jumped , she had been tied to a bed, her eyes blank, she had been drugged if you ask me... once she got free of the restraints that bound her to the bed, next to comptons apartment in the upstairs dorm, she ran and jumped out the window of the second story window, the alarms went off, and we all were packed into the dorm rooms.... Many things were going on. But they were big on roloff, he was like a god to them, they near worship him, still keep him alive today, via the radio and tapes and old sermons, he is thier hero, not
Christ, he is hailed as the one who had an answer to hurting kids and parents. he became like a god to his followers. he is enshrined and kept alive even today, he died in 1982.
where did all his money come from?... my parents were going on charity. many parents from what i gather, could not afford the costs. where did all that money come from. who are these roloff supporters today?... then?...who paid roloff ?... he had many compounds, throughout texas and beyond texas, he had boats, he took in penniliess kids with some parents not able to provide no more than $50 a month to help pay the costs of living ....he had airplanes, he had buses, and on one site, they proudly claim that 3,000,000. ( )....dollars was tied up in the rebekah home alone. wondering who had the money and who was channeling money to the ministry.???
healing has been long and hard, the challenge in learning to interpret reality for ones own self, mindboggling mind games, who else is out there who knows what i am talking about?... where are all the rebekah survivors, why are they not talking?
lets talk, without names if you prefer, just lets open the box and talk.

I've heard that name before, but I'm not too familiar with the organization or the cult leader. I'd love to hear more. But I think you'll have better luck connecting with others on the "New Info" or "The Teen Help Industry" forums. So I'll leave this thread here for awhile so you'll find it. Then I intend to move it to New Info. If there's a demand for it, I'll be happy to set up a forum for Roloff.

Mean time, I'd just try doing a Google search on the name Roloff and see what comes up.
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I was a Rebekah girl in `82.  I know all of this is true.  We chanted, girls kneeled on salt, no girl had a period for the entire time they were there.  
I can remember a girl being chained to a bed after she ran away.  What a mess!!

I was there, too.  Many years ago when the Cameron's ran the place.  Speaking about this is like talking about someone else I know, not me.  That place is EVIL.  They practice child abuse and call it biblical.  I don't know what to say except that I'm now almost 40 and I was there when I was 14 and it not only still hurts, it still harms.

We need to have Roloff's homes closed down.


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