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Augusta, Gone

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ecstasy Well I will have to research this myself.  I had heard that it messes up the serotonin stuff in your brain.  How's that for a scientific statement.  I am sceptical of drug information from both sides.  Who knows the truth?  Who tells the truth?  (This is not directed at you personally, FaceKhan.  By the way, I really like your quote from John Locke.)

jeff belflower:
Re: Augusta, Gone I'm glad that hell hole is gone, I am from Atlanta originally, lived there for  the first four years of my life. My mom was born in Lithia Springs, when I use to go up there my parents would drive me by the augusta straight and brag about how it was there. I hate my parents for putting me in St. Pete program. I spent 4 hellish years there and still at age 37 I am reminded about how great straight was. Straight sucks, zippideedoo daaa


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