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Isabelle Zehnder Supports Defunct Abusive Whitmore Academy


Why is Isabelle Zehnder posting blogs that supoort Whitmore Academy?

Surely she read the Deseret Morning News article written by Linda thomson on September 22, 2006:
"Plea deal for ex-sechoo operator-She agrees not to run another rehab facility in Juab" and is aware that Whitmore Academy is not longer open.

In this article, it is explained that the co-owner of Whtimore, Cheryl Sudweeks pleaded no contest to four charges of attempted hazing" in regards to her then pending criminal trial for abuse against Whitmore students.

"Sudweeks also signed an agreement promising never to run a youth program in the county for the rest of her life."

Jared Eldridge, the County Attorney states, "And it shuts her down, at least in Juab County, so they can't do business here. I believe it effectively shuts them down in the state of Utah."

Why is Isabelled promoting a facility that is closed, and that was run by an owner who accepted a plea bargain in a criminal case?

This article can be read at:

Maybe Isabelle Zehnder only believes WWASPS kids when it comes to allegations of abuse?  I hope that not the case, but what other possible explanation is there?

Isabelle Zehnder links to Sue Scheff PURE, who was critcized when she continued to refer parents and their children to Whitmore while the Sudweeks were being investigated for criminal child abuse.
Since Cheryl Sudweeks accepted a plea bargain in this criminal case, perhaps this criticisms was valid.

When the WWASP vs PURE transcripts were released, it was revealed that Sue Scheff continued to refer parents and their children to WWASP facilities after she started PURE.

The question has been asked:  Why is Isabelle Zehnder and Sue Scheff going to such lengths to promote the Sudweeks, and the now closed Whitmore Academy?  Their promotion of the Whitmore Academy fails to mention the criminal case against Cheryl Sudweeks and her plea bargain; or the fact that the Whitmore Academy is no no longer in operation.  This promotion of the Sudweeks does not mention that there is an ongoing civil case against the Sudweeks.

These blogs contains misleading information: The Sudweeks have not been in the teen help business "for 30 years."  Cheryl Sudweeks is what, age 50--as reported in the newspaper?  Is the public to believe she has been in the teen help business since she was practically a teenager, herself?


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