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does anyone who has left MMS sometimes have weird feelings that you cant really explain except that you know it has something to do with MMS?  For instance, a lot of times I am afraid to talk to women because I feel as though they are going to stab me in the back the second they get a chance.  many girls at MMS did this and that is really the only connection i can make to explain these feelings.  does anyone randomly ask their boyfriend for permission or partnership to use the bathroom, thinking that they're supposed to?  i left MMS on my own accord in june of 2005, and although some time has past since i left, i sometimes still feel the same fear and anxiety i did on my first day there.  i really do have a hard time making friends and forming new relationships because i have no trust for others.  some of these problems i had before i went there, and they have gotten worse since.  others developed over the time i was there.  i feel as though this school and my experience there was very detrimental to my life as well as my relationships.  richard and gary are really the only people who ever did anything to help me.  i guess i just need to hear from other alumni or former students who experience these kinds of feelings or fears on a day to day basis.  i need to know im not alone...

Hey... I really admire you sharing your thoughts. I actually just finished typing you my experience and I accidentally hit the back button on my computer and it deleted Everything I wrote. SO frustrating. If you are comfortable, leave me your email or just reply to this and let me know you are still checking the site.

my email is [email protected]

I had some issues for awhile and actually have dreams about being sent back sometimes still, 10 years later.

I definitely have dreams about being sent back.... it's been almost 7 years now


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