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Synanon and current-day rehabs.

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try another castle:
Anyone been to George Farnsworth's site?

This is what it says on the front page:

--- Quote ---NOTE: Synanon is no longer in operation. If you need help -- try these links: Narcotics Anonymous, Delancey Street, Walden House, Samaritan Village in Brooklyn, Amity Foundation or Phoenix House  all staffed or run by former Synanon residents.
--- End quote ---


Okay, I already know that Phoenix house is a huge sketch fest, but does anyone have info on these other places? Can anyone establish a connection?

My ex worked at Walden, and I'm gonna ask him about it. I doubt he knows anything, though. I remember some of the shit he used to write about the place, though. The main thing I remember is how they were mostly concerned with filling the beds, and that was his job, to fill the beds. Probably has a lot to do with retaining funding, since if you don't have full beds, the city will make cuts to your program. Anyway, he used to get a lot of shit if he didn't get someone he was doing "intake" with to actually enter into the program. There were several points where he thought he was going to lose his job because he wasn't making "quota".

I know that rehabs are a bunch of crap, but aside from the stepcraft connection, I had no idea that there was a possibility of a connection with a full-blown cult like Synanon.

try another castle:
Here is my ex's response from today:

--- Quote ---Synanon was constantly mentioned. I believe Walden House was founded by people who had gone trough Synanon. Funny you should mention Phoenix  House. I applied there but they didn't hire me. Sounds like it was  possibly a good thing.
--- End quote ---

try another castle:
I was considering doing a cold call to Walden.

Frighteningly, it seems that a large proportion of these guys are still drinking the Kool-Aid. I can't get into George's site, because I need to have been a member of synanon.

For what it's worth, my ex is kind of naive. He finally pulled his head out of the ass of 12 step, thank god, and he's introducing RR to his clients. Hopefully he won't get fired, now that he's got some sense about him.

My friend and I used to say that he was the perfect type to get taken in by a cult. (Besides 12 step, that is.)

WHat's RR?

try another castle:

--- Quote from: ""Guest"" ---WHat's RR?
--- End quote ---

Rational Recovery.

I'm kind of annoyed by the for-profit tone the place has taken. For profit is fine, within reason, but Jack is selling DVDs for hundreds of dollars. And now you have to pay membership to register. Didn't have that crap when I quit.

Worked for me, though.


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