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Have they stopped the program? I can not find any info on it on their homepage beside som historic stuff.

I am working on a NPOV page on wikipedia with a complete list of deaths, riots etc.

Where can I find info about the program (Abuse are their plenty of.)

Never heard of a program called Ocean Quest. Is that the correct name?

History - 25 years of bullshit

--- Quote ---The tall ship Western Union enters the VisionQuest OceanQuest fleet. Later the ship is renamed The NewWay.
--- End quote ---

I just stumbled onto this site and am not sure what I am getting myself into....BUT I am a VQ "grad" who was part of their Ocean Quest program.  What sort of info are you looking for?

I have tried to find the homepage of the program. Some of it looks like one of our government supervised program called Fulton. Fulton can produce good result while the child is in it, but they have problems with long-term result when the child is out of the program.

Does the Ocean/Sea Quest it exist today?


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