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Dinner in Scuzzy Surry
« on: April 02, 2003, 09:58:00 PM »
Would you like the chance to tell the supporters of AARC how you feel? Would you like the chance to stop a second branch of AARC from being formed before children are abducted and abused? Well now you can, for just the small price of $300!!!! Yep, for just $300 you can not only eat, but PLAY GOLF with the fundamentalits...I mean...good vitoms...I mean...people who are fundraising to start the Vancouver Adolescent Recovery Centre. The best part about all of this is that for once in a lifetime not only Republicans are supporting this chain of Synanons, but now Canada's New Democrats have joined in too.

This lovely event will be held on May 15'th in Surry British Columbia. For our American friends who don't know, Surrey (best known as Scurry) is a large suburb of Vancouver with some of the worst crime in Canada, and I guess a nice golf course too. This will be a perfect place for an event of such because the streets of Surry are filled with young Hoochie Moma's which irritate everyone, and therefore encourage Canadians to feel that Canada must be overrun with 15 year old Hoochie Moma's who need to be imprisoned...I mean...Treated. Not that Hedy Fry or Gordan Cambell will actually be walking the streets of Surry.
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