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In PURE's own words, the answers to these "frequently asked questions" from years 2001 to present date:

1. Who is P.U.R.E.?
2. Why use P.U.R.E. Services?
3. How does P.U.R.E. work?
4. How much does this service cost?
5. What is the cost of the schools and programs?
6. Where are the schools and programs located?
7. Where is P.U.R.E. located?
8. How is P.U.R.E. funded?

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February 2005 ... m/faq.html

Current Dec. 2006

I don't know who you are who posted the previous information but this is valuable.  If you have any more information please keep posting it.  

I am collecting it and giving it to a number of lawyers.  Maybe someone who is a good writer should do a paper or something helping to sum up this information on Sue Scheff and her PURE company.

Thank you very much whoever you are.  Very impressive!

Sue Scheff in her own words:
Frequently Asked Questions:
Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

1. Who is P.U.R.E.?

Parents Universal Referral Experts is founded by a parent who had a teenager in a program, and believes it saved their lives! With this, she has referred many families into different facilities/programs throughout her child's progress, and wants to give back to the Universe what was given to her. The need is here, and we are here to fill the need. Being a single parent, we want to offer a "free service" to many of those that cannot afford the pricey counselors. We also enjoy sharing our story and want to help others to move from the darkness into the light. We want to make you feel comfortable with sharing your story with us. We will let you know, you are certainly not alone.

2. Why use P.U.R.E. Services?

Why use P.U.R.E. Services? It is "free" service/advice from people that have actually had teens in programs. We are not just selling facilities, we are assisting families that are experiencing a downward spin and do not want to hear the same old advice. We will listen, we will give our opinion as a parent, not just a professional. We want to be your friend and guide you through the dark spots so you can finally see the light.

If you use P.U.R.E. as a service, we are always offering promotion to different programs. At this time we are waiving uniform fees at some of our facilities. Which could be up to a $300.00 savings. You cannot receive this unless you are referred to them through P.U.R.E..
3. How does P.U.R.E. work?

We are  here for you, and our response time is within 24 hours of your inquiry.  There are 2 ways to contact us: use our toll-free number 1-(877)-311-PURE (please dial (954) 349-7260 if you live in Broward, Florida), or simply complete the "request free information" page, and we will mail the materials to you within 3 working days. If you would like us to call you, please put that in your request. We will always value your confidentiality and privacy, that if you prefer we do not call, we will not. *Also if you are considering a program, and want more information on it, we can offer a free evaluation of the program you have in mind. If we don't know about it, we will take the steps to find out about it. We have consultants throughout the U.S. that will actually visit facilities by our request. *(Our consultants will do that if we feel it is a program looking into. However, if we know there is a problem or an issue with a certain program or facility, we have the right to decline the request. We want to maintain the reputation of having first quality programs for our children.)

4. How much does this service cost?

Nothing.  We will never charge a parent a fee for anything. This is an absolutely "free" service. There is never a charge to parents for  advice, materials, and/or review of program information.

INTERPRETATION:  You, my little fool, will be paying extra money up front to the program and they, in turn, will pay it back to me.  See?  This is how "we will never charge a parent fee for anything."  We get your money funneled to us indirectly from the program.

5. How much are the programs?

The programs  prices vary depending on the location, the facility, the type of program or severity of need the child has. There are creative ways to finance most programs. Always call for updated prices on facilities and programs.

INTERPRETATION:  Sue will have you empty your retirement account or mortgage your home to the hilt.  Anything to get your money.

6. Where are the programs located?

We have locations throughout the US, and other countries.

INTERPRETATION:  PURE has programs through WWASP in Jamaica, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

7. Where is P.U.R.E. located?

We are located in Weston, Florida,  about 10 miles west of Ft. Lauderdale. We share an office with a Juvenile Criminal Attorney who is also very helpful when needed.

8. How can my program or school become part of  the PURE Preferred Network?  

Please make your request known to:
[email protected] or by calling 1 (877) 311-PURE (7873), or (954) 349-7260 in Broward. You can also fax us at (954) 349-6540, or send information about your programs to us at PURE Inc., 1940 North Commerce Pkwy Suite 3, Weston FL 33326.

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March 2003

Where is P.U.R.E. located?

We are located in Weston, Florida. This is about 10 miles west of Ft. Lauderdale.  PURE is conveniently located in Weston Center with Ddolescent Psychologiest, Psychiatrists, and Attorneys.

Please read page 183 of the WWASP vs PURE transcript.

Q:  PURE did not have adolescent psychologist, psychiatrists, or attorneys, did they?

A: (by Sue Scheff)  We specifically moved into a building with the therapists and juvenile attorneys. Yss, they're not on staff, but we are in the same building with each other.  It doesn't say they are on staff.

There it is in Sue Scheff's own words, under oath.

lol, admitting to using wwasps eh?

 :rofl: boy this made my day


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