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Whats up with this bull shit, shit?


OK - so some folk are not to interested in the PURE / Sue / Izzahell & CaCa saga. Thats understandable. It can get old. So, don't read it. Read what is meaningful to you. But understand this: it isn't Bull Shit, just b/c you aren't interested.
It is in fact a serious issue. Yes, there is a lot of flippant and silly and sometimes vulgar and profane posting on these subjects - but the subject itself is serious.  It is no more correct to call the various issues surrounding these parties "Bull Shit" than it would be to call the issues in the Hidden Lake; or Thayer; or Straight inc (take your pick) forums or threads Bullshit.

You wanna know what IS BullShit?
Making this the one forum on all of Fornits that requires a sign in.
THAT is Bull Shit.

Or, is this just the beginning of a change of policy on Fornits?

Has Ginger finely surrendered her Libertarian values?

The "PURE Bullshit" is a play on the name "PURE"; the organization is what's being called bullshit, not the posts about it.

I don't think TSW intended this to be a sign-in only forum, and even if he did, that was a mistake. That's a technical issue and I'll fix it right now.

Umm, Karen I do think you misunderstood.  "PURE" just goes so well with the word bullshit in so many ways.  We know the subject of Scheff and fraud are a very serious subject.  Not to mention that Sue and Izzy must feel totally honored, after all their names are in the old spotlight, which they both love.

Dudes, great job here.

OK - I gottcha.
It helps to have it explained.

I do get the joke - PURE Bullshit an all; but one could misunderstand the intent of the Forums title. Now we know, and aren't wondering.

I did rather strongly suspect that the sign in requirement was a goof up.

Thanks for clarifying the bullshit.  I, too, misunderstood the use of the term.

The issue here is the child referral business has become a multi-million-dollar private enterprise that for the most part - is unregulated and unlicensed.  Anybody can call themselves an educational consultant.  Or a resource expert.  

The second big issue is the question of programs paying for sales leads that result in a placement.   WWASPS is well known for offering parents a month's free tuition or if their kid graduated, a cash payment for referrals.  Outside of WWASPS, it appears there are a handful of private programs paying "commissions" or "finders fees" to outfis like PURE.  We know Whitmore was one of those programs and other names have been suggested through the WWASPS v. PURE transcripts.  

The third big issue is what happens when a program is accused of mistreating children?  Or is the subject of a lawsuit?  What state/federal laws are in place to require programs (and the people who sell them whether they are ed cons or independent referral services) to disclose this info to the consumer?  None that I am aware of.  This needs to change.  Why?  Because even hairdressers are required to have proper training and be licensed by the state they operate in.  Why should referral companies be any different?  This is a child safety issue first and foremost, IMO.


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