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Myspace: it used to just let camwhores do their trade, and help people get laid, now its actually doing something meaningful!

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Anne Bonney:

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by John S. Adams

Online communities like and Fornits Home for Wayward Web Fora ( now give former students of Spring Creek and other programs in the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (WWASPS) a place to meet and share their thoughts and past experiences.
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Yo!  All you folks who think MY SPACE is providing a valuable service for victims of residential treatment abuse best get on the bandwagon and mobilize against the lawsuit brought by Sorenson's against MY SPACE.  This is getting ZERO attention and I really don't understand why.  A victim spoke out about Sorenson's on MY SPACE and now their page is gone.  This is the chilling effect that has led to the silencing of those who dare to speak out against the troubled parent industry.  Do not let this go without a whimper.  Write to your journalist friends (John Gorenfeld) and others to spread the word.  Also, can anyone find the page?  Is it cached somewhere?  That would greatly help!!!  Thanks for listening!

Nihilanthic: unless myspace set up their robots.txt

Anyway, set up some survivor user groups and tell them to get the fuck on fornits!


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