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--- Quote ---my experiences at Cross Creek and High Impact

Postby Acidrain85 » Sat Aug 13, 2011 6:15 am
When I was 15 years old I was sent to Cross Creek Manor by my parents. My father transported me there with my sister. I just found out yesterday that he brought my sister just so I wouldn’t run. I was at Cross Creek for 3 months. They kept me in the isolation room most of the time, and when I was out of the isolation room they made me sleep in the hallway so they could monitor me at all times. Pretty much like suicide watch. I got restrained way more times than I can count. There were quite a few times that I was restrained in my own blood. One night I was talking to the lady watching me and I accidentally woke up one of the managers (tom). He came into the isolation room and restrained me and he jammed his elbow into my back and neck. I was maybe out of special needs for 3 weeks total out of the 3 month period. I was in there for thanksgiving and Christmas. I wasn’t allowed to open my Christmas presents until the morning I left for High Impact and I couldn’t take any of the stuff with me. . Ron Garrett kept threatening to send me to High Impact. One morning around 2am two people came to transport me to Mexico. I had no idea I was going until they woke me up and said lets go.
I recently found my “hope buddy” that was assigned to me when I first got to Cross Creek. I didn’t remember much other than being in the isolation room. She told me that the day I left to go to High Impact the staff were laughing because the isolation room was quiet again. She was assigned to clean the room I was in the day I left. She described it as pretty much scary. My blood was all over the place and she had never even been to the isolation room before.
When I got to High Impact I saw the cages and the fenced in area of land that we ran our laps in. the criteria to graduate were simple… or so I thought. We had to do 60 worksheets from listening to A.A tapes and 2,000 laps around the dirt track. Then I got introduced to the consequence sheets that take away laps. If you came to high impact from home, you needed 5 consequences to get 80 laps taken away. If you came to High Impact from another facility, it only took 1 consequence to take away 80 laps. The reason for that is because if you come from another facility you are expected to know what to do and have experience on following the rules. I spent the majority of my time there in the dog cages. Laying in R&R position. R&R position is basically like laying down in the position you would be in on a cross but laying on your stomach. I wasn’t able to move at all. If I moved any part of my body, chin legs or anything, I was restrained and had my chin grinded into the dirt and their knees were jammed into my back, neck and arms. A lot of the times I was kept in that position for hours and sometimes the whole day.
Papa Miguel (the manager) would come down to our campsite and basically torture us. While I was there I was raped by him 5 times. The first time was on my 16th birthday. When he was done he had a staff member escort me back down to the campsite. Before I left he said “happy sweet 16” then I got shoved into the shower with my clothes on. One night I asked for my sleeping bag because it was taken from me and it was a very cold night. The over night shift called Miguel down and he basically grabbed me, threw me down, put my head in the toilet, flushed, then he pushed me in the shower and he said I had to sleep in wet clothes and still no sleeping bag. We were made to do ridiculous amounts of exercises at night before we went to bed.
I was made to do the program over after I was done. I was there for 4 months. The average stay for High Impact was about 2 months. But Miguel decided to take all my laps away and I was made to basically re-do the program for another 2 months. Every day I would wake up and wonder if I would be alive to go to sleep that night… always wondering If it was ever going to end. I was restrained pretty much every day there. Lots of times I would black out because I couldn’t breathe. I was in the cage all day one day and sun burnt all over. I lifted my leg because the sand was extremely hot and Miguel told me to put my leg back down and I said “no”. He came into the dog cage and stood with all of his weight on the back of my knee. My skin was so sun burnt and sensitive that it just ripped open. They did nothing for my open wound. Just told me to remain laying down and not to move. I have several scars from that place. Not to mention the permanent mental scars. The day I left, the staff let me take a longer than 5 min. shower to scrub all the caked on dirt all over my body. I didn’t know I was leaving until the minute I left. Since we weren’t allowed to use our hairbrushes my hair was so gross I had dreadlocks. It took 6 staff to try and comb it out and when they couldn’t do it, it took 4 staff to cut the dreadlocks out of my hair. They basically did everything they could to make me look decent when I saw my parents. So they would think everything as ok. Ugh…
To this day I have nightmares so bad I wake up screaming, crying, shaking, and sweating. I have flashbacks so bad that I black out and don’t even know what I am doing. I just wish I never went there. Or Cross Creek.
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I am a mother of 12 children, with a blended after the death of a parent from each family.  We had two teens that were in serious trouble, and felt they wouldn't be around much longer unless we did something drastic.  We sent the first young man to the facility in Samoa in 1997.  He was there for about 12 months.  We went and toured it at the 12 month point.  He then finished up at Cross Creek for another 4 months or so.  He would tell you today, 15 years later, that he is very greatful we sent him.  He has since served a mission for his church for two years in Guam, and is now happily married with two sweet boys, and has graduated from business school and has a successful business with a team of young men selling bug spray contracts.    

Several years later, we felt the need to send aour 2nd boy to the program.  This time it was at Cross Creek.  For the first 3 months, the other young men in the program all wondered why his parents had sent him.  Then it became apparent.  He is doing fabulous as a father of two small children, and a beautiful and loving wife.

Both sons had their closest cousins join the program.  Other nieces and nephews of mine (7 total) have participated in the WWASP Programs...ALL SUCCESSFULLY.  The parents too have gone through their seminars.  Another son became a facilitator in another similar teen help program with girls.  He felt the WWASP was more effective.  I sing their praises, along with their parents, and the teens who went through.  

I met literally hundreds of parents at the seminars who were so happy for the results they were getting with WWASP.  Many of those parents had been in other programs that sucked their money dry, and no results.  They were so greatful to find WWASP programs.  

I am sorry for those who didn't have such a great experience.  I am sure it isn't perfect (I don't know anyone who is), but I have been so impressed with the results of their philosophy.  

QUESTION:  Does anyone out there know where I can get ahold of the book:  by The CS Landre Foundation telling Chris Landre's Story along with several others?

Does anyone know where I can get the book written by The CS Landre Foundation?  It is about Chris Landre, and several other young teens that went to the WWASP Programs?


--- Quote from: "jmelder12" ---Does anyone know where I can get the book written by The CS Landre Foundation?  It is about Chris Landre, and several other young teens that went to the WWASP Programs?
--- End quote ---

While searching for Lance Landre and the foundation, I fould traces of various lawsuits. The domain is inactive, so I guess that they were taken down due to legal fees.


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