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I got better with the help of wwasp.

I was in Samoa for 18 months. I came to this website because I had another dream about that place last night. It's amazing that a place like that coulld have such a horrifying impact on one's mind. I'm sure that the dreams will persist for the rest of my life, and it's unfortunate that there's nothing I can do to change that. I've seen therapists, tried to accept it and move on, and other things, but nothing makes the images leave my head.

Anyone out there have this type of problem? I have nightmares of being back on the beach, knowing that I don't belong there, but I'm trapped on limbo. They've got me eating rice, hot water, and boiled lamb. People from Aufaga Village are throwing rocks at us from up above. It's just a terrible dream that I can't shake.

I'd love to talk to some old friends of mine, or anyone else who was there. My name is Chris Osborn and my e-mail address is [email protected]. Feel free to contact me. My feeling is, the only way I might truly be able to get these visions and nightmares to leave would be to find others who understand what I went through. Also, I feel that one day I'll need to return to Samoa and find that piece of me that was stolen.

I hope all of you who survived are living well. I also hope to hear from some of you

My son is at TB right now.   After all the research after sending him there, he is coming home. Yes, I am to blame for not looking more into these programs before he left.  He will have a new beginning at home and I, as well, with parenting.   I thank all former students that have spoke out about this abuse.   If it wasnt for you, I would not be going this week to pick up my son.   After I have him home, the school does not know yet, I will post my experience as a parent and my son as a student.  There has to be something done about these schools.  

A Mom

WWASP Bandido:
Shawn Treadway says:

--- Quote ---The place was a shithole, I never knew what "scabies" was till i went there. I was blessed to never get that nasty shit, but i was one of few. I remember they ran out of toilet paper there for like 2 weeks, it was a bit interesting to say the least. Restaining kids was beating them in my eyes, it was more than unneeded force, Although I remember I had this one kid who was in Diligence family... kid was 17 and was one of those kids who had large family breeding on his side. He was a monster, and not meaning fat, meaning 6'4 240 lbs and in the best shape I could imagine. It tooke Luke and Jade to restrain this kid. Jade-Admin./ ex golden glove boxer, great shape for his age, and Luke-Admin. also in really good shape, both of them were monsters compared to 99% of the kids. This kid though gave them a run for their money, at seventeen. I had respect for him.

As for details, and crediting what people say... i have read around the site somewhat, its all true pretty much. Room Restriction, or R&R as we called it, was rediculous. Laying a kid on his stomach, with his legs and hands behins his back, while his chin had to lay on concrete floor for 90 % of the waking day. That was sad, then if you got restrained while you were in that position, restrained, meaning forearm to the back of your head and neck, while a oversized wieght lifting dick, puts his knee along with all his wieght into your spine. At 14, and 150 lbs its a bit scary. I got mal nutrition while I was down there. I was 16, 6'0 and 147 lbs it was gross. I was way to skinny, being a fat kid before I went there I never knew that could be a problem, hahah. But that wait was soon lost and and ribs were soon to show.

Things I have to give the program credit for, believe me very few things. The Spanish thing was a fucking pain in the ass when you first get there. Who in their right mind thinks they can take an American with no knowledge of the Spanish Language whatsoever, and give him three days to learn what he needs to? But because of that, it creates a sense of urgency to learn it so you can communicate with your friends, and the staff. I learned the whole language in like six months, read, write, and speak. I still speak it to the day, which is a good thing. One thing I had a problem with was not being able to speak English, it was very rare where we could do that. We learned their language, we spoke, shouldn't we be able to speak both?

I fucking hated how they hung that fucking hell high impact over our heads. Bunch of fucking fascists using fear to control us. I lived my first 9 of my 18 months there petrified of a place that I had only heard about. I was never a big trouble maker, Jade taught me not to cause trouble my first day, when I mouthed off to him. But holding something over someone and scare them with it, to get them to do what you want, is fucking wrong. I learned how to understand and manipulate a system down there flawlessly. I learned how to talk my way out of anything, which is good in some ways, being that after the military I want to be a lawyer, or a lobyist.

All in all, I dont blame my parents for sending me there, they thought it was right for a angry 14 year old kid with bad grades, and beginning to smoke pot. I get that, but what i dont forgive pops for is, once I told him what the place was really like, he didn't listen, figuered I was exagerating or making it all up. My mom knew there was no bullshit in what I was saying, and was the one who got me out of there. What I say now, parents I think have a responsibility to work it out with their children. Not send them off for someone else to do the job. I wouldnt say the place haunts me today, life has moved on, and its in the past. But when I first got out, culture shock, difficulty adjusting, nightmares, were a daily routine. I didnt know how to act, I had been so good at being fake, and appearing as the standard mold for the program that I wasn't to sure about who I was. My friends noticed it, but I eventually came around.

Also I thought since I had a year and a half of high school taken away from me, I had a need to make up for it. I was worse after the program then before. I never ended up in jail, or anything like that, but I did drugs, got in fights, and made "non-working" decisions as those creeps used to say. I found myself and grew up in time. I just had to do it and learn on my own, I couldnt be molded into it.
--- End quote ---

Jesus. Greetings from Samoa!

What pisses me off more than any other TBS type is TBSs overseas. It's hard enough to regulate and leave them from your home country. Abroad, there is no recourse! Asshole parents.

Shit, at least I could split mine.  After two failed attempts, third time was the charm. Then I had to hole up for a week. I got lucky--a single Mom took me in and I watched her kids while she worked. Then she drove me down the mountain.

Funny thing was that I split--knew instinctively I had to get out--but was still brainwashed! Funny, that.

Well-maybe not.


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