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anyone know where I can find this article by Rhonda Cook?


Rhonda Cook, wrote a series of articles on the Barnwell's and Ruth's Home
of Compassion for U.P.I. see her dateline Atlanta, Ga February 6, 1982.

sadly,I have kept all the skeletons of the ruth home buried in the back of my mind all these years,trying to deny that it really happened. Now all the anger and frustration of those years I was there surface in tears and stomach pains knowing that there are probably others out there going thru the same treatment. If you would message me back with any information you have regarding the cloing of the school and any details about the girls and what happened to them. I was discharged in 1983 because I was about to turn 18 and they knew they couldn't brainwash me into staying. ::OMG::

So sorry I tried to find the article myself without success. If by chance it is found please pass it on to me would love to see what all she had to say.


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