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I remember that show, it was the first time I realized that the "Good" Doctor was in on the teen abuse industry.
I'm glad she ran away(again) instead of being exploited by the dR.pHiL(read: jack-ass)

Many years later I saw a post on Facebook. It explained how her life had been since. She might have seen something in connection with the murder.

On Facebook a person connected to the dead girl write:

--- Quote from: Justin Zeus G Francis ---She is our only hope for Justice for Teressa Vanegas.
She is on dope cuz she afraid of tha Reality she lives in. She was supposed to be raped and murdered by Alex, Mando and Oscar Cruz on Halloween of 2006. She escaped but her best friend Teressa Vanegas did not.
She is haunted. She is broken.
She is afraid.
She is also our only hope that Teressa Vanegas? story will ever be told by a survivor.

--- End quote ---

It seems that 3 killers are running around. She has now become victim of the war on drugs with tons of arrest (link). Drugs she need because she got abused in a residential program which might have scared her away form getting help after having become witness to a murder.

That is the real tragedy with some of the TTI programs. They scare people away from getting help because they were bullied and abused in the programs.


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