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From the Houston Chronicle 11/7/06 ... 18444.html

"The Dr. Phil Show put Kimberlee in their Aspen Achievement Academy for Wilderness Therapy, which apparently didn't work....

Dr. Phil tried to help
Ramsey and her mother appeared on a Dr. Phil show about runaways. It aired Oct. 16.

According to the search agency, "The Dr. Phil Show put Kimberlee in their Aspen Achievement Academy for Wilderness Therapy, which apparently didn't work."

A news release from the Aspen Education Group's Web site talks about Ramsey's appearance on the nationally syndicated talk show.

"As much as you're seen as the rebellious teen who's angry and bucking the system, and bucking controls, the truth is, you're really in a lot of pain," Dr. Phil McGraw said to Ramsey, according to the release.

Pair ran away before
Gibson said Ramsey and Vanegas had run away together in the past. She did not know whether there was any criminal connection, and the Galveston County sheriff's deputy in charge of the case couldn't be reached for comment Tuesday.

"We're based in Dickinson, so it's on our home turf," Gibson said.

"If they have a killer on the loose (volunteers) just want to make sure their kids are accounted for."

"Obviously Kimberlee is easy prey. She's a runaway. She doesn't have any money. She doesn't have a car. She doesn't have a cell phone," Gibson said.

Ramsey was wearing blue jeans, a blue football jersey and black house shoes.

Ramsey has brown hair with blonde highlights. She has green eyes, is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 155 pounds. Anyone with information about the case is urged to call Texas EquuSearch at 281-309-9500.

Vanegas will be buried today."

Check Aspen's site for the Dr. Phil story.

Missing teens found safe in Rusk
From staff reports
The Daily News  
Published November 9, 2006

BACLIFF ? Two teens missing since Oct. 29 were found safe late Wednesday in Rusk, the Galveston County Sheriff?s Office said.

Kimberlee Ramsey, 15, was last seen about 7 p.m. Sunday leaving her home in the 4600 block of Seventh Street, officials said.

Authorities said they thought Ramsey had run away, but the disappearance drew wide interest because she was thought to have been a close friend of Terresa Vanegas. Vanegas, 16, was found dead last week in a soccer field near Dickinson High School.

Ramsey?s boyfriend, Cody Birdwell, 17, also was missing.

Ramsey was being held Thursday in a juvenile detention center, said Maj. Ray Tuttoilmondo, sheriff?s office spokesman. Birdwell was being held in the Cherokee County jail, charged with harboring a runaway. His bond amount was not immediately available.

Rusk is a small East Texas town northwest of Lufkin.

Police found Vanegas? body on Nov. 3 in a ditch behind Dickinson High School. Vanegas had last been seen at a Halloween party. Authorities still are investigating her death.

Tuttoilmondo said Tuesday that Ramsey?s disappearance did not appear connected to her friend?s death.

On Oct. 16, Ramsey and her family appeared on the television program ?The Dr. Phil Show? for an episode on teenage runaways. ... 499ae3993f

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love that signature, deb.  love it.  don't let 'em hide the truth!

So, what's the deal? Kim was placed in AAA less than a month ago. Will Phil do a follow-up program on Kim's placement?

Aspen Education Group Featured on ?Dr. Phil?
Teen enrolls in Aspen Achievement Academy wilderness therapy  program

(CERRITOS, CA ? October 17, 2006) - Aspen Education Group, the nation?s largest and most comprehensive network of therapeutic schools and programs, was featured on the nationally syndicated ?Dr. Phil? show on October 16, 2006.

The show presented the story of Kim, a 15-year-old girl who had run away from home six times in the past year. After the ?Dr. Phil? show, Kim was enrolled in Aspen Achievement Academy, a wilderness therapy program in southern Utah that helps teens discover a new sense of self-confidence and reunite with their families.

?My 15-year-old daughter is a runaway and on the path to self-destruction," said Kim?s mother, Laura. ?The last time Kim left I just couldn?t go through the emotional turmoil, the roller coaster ride of trying to hunt her down and bring her back?.If she doesn?t get help now, she may die,? Laura says.

?I?ve just never had a really close relationship with my parents,? Kim explained. ?They?ve never been really affectionate and showed me that they love me, so I ran away and I went looking for love in the wrong place, because I wasn?t finding it at home.?
Rodney, Kim's father, says, "We can?t just ground her forever, which we wish we could. We?ve got to give her some kind of hope."

The family turned to Dr. Phil and Aspen for help.  ?As much as you?re seen as the rebellious teen who?s angry and bucking the system, and bucking controls, the truth is, you?re really in a lot of pain,? Dr. Phil says to Kim.

Dr. Phil offers to send Kim to an Aspen Education Group program, which will give her ?a safe, secure, nurturing place to live and work on you?I can?t put you in an apartment somewhere? But I can put you in a glorious, wonderful place? ?
 :roll: Kim later enrolled in Aspen Achievement Academy, a unique wilderness therapy program set in the majestic red rock canyons of Utah.

?At Aspen Achievement Academy, Kim has come to discover a new sense of self-esteem and reconnect with her family through a combination of individual and group therapy, family therapy and workshops, and a therapeutic wilderness experience,? said Gil Hallows, Executive Director of Aspen Achievement Academy.  :rofl:

Aspen Achievement Academy is a licensed treatment program that integrates an accredited academic component, a sophisticated therapeutic model, and an experiential education curriculum in a healing wilderness environment. The Academy creates a modern ?rite of passage? to assist adolescents in making the transition to responsible young adulthood. By guiding each participant through a series of powerful metaphors symbolizing stages of growth, students gain insight about their attitudes and behaviors, develop self-reliance, and learn to take personal responsibility for their future.  

?Families like Kim?s benefit from our strong family systems approach,? added Hallows.  ?We offer research-based, ongoing assessments that analyze family traits and dynamics in order to develop a growth plan designed to meet the unique needs of each family.?

?We are grateful to Aspen Achievement Academy and to Dr. Phil for this remarkable opportunity to reunite our family,? said Kim?s parents.

Located in Loa, Utah, Aspen Achievement Academy is one of the few wilderness programs nationwide to be selected a top teen drug treatment programs by Drug Strategies, a Washington, DC-based research institute.   The Academy serves adolescents 13-17 and is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).  Aspen Achievement Academy?s innovative, nurturing and effective approach has been written about in the award-winning book Shouting at the Sky and featured in documentaries in the United Kingdom.

Aspen Achievement Academy is a program of Aspen Education Group, recognized nationwide as the leading provider of education programs for underachieving or struggling young people.  Aspen?s 30-plus programs in 12 states provide a range of therapeutic interventions, including wilderness therapy, boarding schools, residential treatment, and weight-loss programs. In addition to being featured several times on ?Dr. Phil,? Aspen and its programs have been profiled by major news and television organizations around the world, including: CNN, the New York Times,  U.S. News & World Report, USA Today, National Public Radio, NBC?s ?Dateline NBC? and ?Today,? and ABC?s ?Good Morning America.? For information about Aspen Achievement Academy, visit or call 800.283.8334.  For information about Aspen Education Group, visit or call (888) 972-7736.

is anyone really surprised by this?

I'm not.  its typical program rebellion... chances are she sucked it up enough to "fake it to make it" and pretended she really cared about the program.  the dr phil update even said she was "doing great" but in her eyes i could see that she was just waiting for her opportunity to escape.


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