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Can all the references to Sue Scheff be moved to The Troubled Teen Industry - since she is not affiliated with this thread and WWASPS?    You all are giving her a great marketing tool if parents happen upon this website - don't cha think?  

How did she get on WWASPS anyway?  Is she over at Aspen Education Group too?


--- Quote from: ""Guest"" ---Dang, her nose is out of focus....goes every which way!!!!
--- End quote ---

Which of Sue Scheff's plastic surgery 'nose jobs' are you referring to?  True story.  Maybe her nose jobs will be a chapter in her new book about herself, the book that she says EVERYONE wants her to write.


Chapter:  HONK! HONK!
Sue Scheff's Nose out of Joint

1. Which surgeon to use, OH MY?
2. Which of mommie dearest's bank account to dip into, SWEATING?  
3.  Or should Sue-Sue sell another ticket to a bad program?

honk! honk!
Sue Scheff, at her wits end again

Why would anyone need more than one nose job, if Sou Chef did in fact have more than one?

You'll just have to read Sue Scheff's book that EVERYONE IN AMERICA wants her to write.  It's all about SUE SCHEFF because EVERYONE wants to know about Sue Scheff.  She is calling it, "At my Wits End."  

Chapter One:  HONK! HONK!  Bad nose job.

Sample:  "I was at my wits end when I looked in the mirror and ask this question.  Are you ready?

Mirror, Mirror on the wall......."

But the book at Amazon and find out what happens.

who the fuck wants to buy and read that trash? are you infatuated or something?


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