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Just woke up from my first MMS nightmare in a long time.  I think it must have been five years.
I was going to my first day of teaching.  There was a group of teachers, new and old, sitting around the table.  I didn't recognize Colleen at first.  When I asked a question, she replied with "Now let me ask YOU a question." And proceeded to delve into my past behaviors in front of all of my new coworkers.  I held my ground for a minute in my dream, politely telling her that I was an adult now and that we must agree to disagree.
She let it go and then I asked her if it was legal to keep a kid on workcrew instead of sending them to classes.  (I guess even in my dreams I push issues a bit.)  Colleen proceeded to change the subject to my sexual history.  It was like a group session except at my first day of work.  I just woke up crying and had to remind myself it was just a dream.
I know it is my mind playing with me but it just seems that after leaving over ten years ago that I should be over this by now.

wow, that suck.  is that what 'therapy' is supposed to do?

I have been out of MMS for 6 years and rarely have those dreams anymore, but I still do.  And I am even one of those girls who had a decently good experience there.  But I always wake up and find them funny now.  I'm always yelling at everyone that I'm 25 now and I already graduated from High School AND College and they couldn't keep me there... and I just get so frustrated and freaked out.  The last dream, my boyfriend and my dad dropped me off together.  That was special ...


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