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Welcome all spouses of all treatment centers. This is our home to vent how hard it is to live with a survivor, how much we love them, and all the issues we deal with as spouses. Feel free to talk on any subject in here this is just kinda our hang out.  :smile:


My husband is a survivor of straight inc. around 1986. The info could help our relationship and the same with the kids. He still struggles to get past the worst

I thought I was the only one there all difficult lovely buttmunches almost over grown 2 year olds. The program is all I heard about for the 1st yr of our relationship. lol :o

I noticed that there were very few posts in this forum.  The experience of being almost broken in AARC still haunts my friend after more than ten years.  She completed high school as an adult, then college, where she qualified for a scholarship based on her grades in first year.  She is however, plagued by the attempt AARC made to break her, and by the experience of AARC covering up assaults in the recovery homes.  If your partner is haunted by an experience like this, then unless you leave, you will be too.


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