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Update - mirror site.


We've just imported the old discussion into the new database for Straight, Inc. Survivors.

There are some minor bugs having to do with some funky usernames and extra posts and some topics popping up in the wrong order. The scripting is also way ahead of the FAQ, so we'll have to update that.

Your old udernames should all be set up. Please email me or use the private message feature here if you want to set a password for your username.

Of course, any bugs or problems, please feel free to post here. This is an open plan constrained only by limits of practicality. If there's some new trick you'd like for us to make this software do, go ahead and ask. If it's practical, we'll give it a shot.

About those old usernames....

All of the usernames that came over from the old forum show the word "From: Mirror" under the joined date and posts. And they are hyperlinked. To claim a name, click the link.


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