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Experience with Facilities run by other governments?


Oz girl:

A guy i was at uni with is involved with the board of these people. i found out by mistake. They get funding from govt grants as well as benevolent donations. There are apparently a couple of wilderness type things in Australia. i am still looking at it here. It is not really an "industry" in that it is not for profit and is largely aimed at socially or economically disadvantaged kids. From what i have read so far the "progammes" similar to this mostly do not have the kids away from civilisation for more than about a week at a time. As far as i can see or am aware there is no tough love focus. I do not have first hand experience with it but my understanding from talking to my friend and reading the website info is that ;

1. Juevenile offenders or those "at risk"go and it is free
2. The kids are nominated by their social workers or schools and (i think) go voluntarily. The kid is visited at home with their family a few times for a meet and greet with the staff.
3. It is 8 days long and the kids must be over 14 and physically fit.
4. Their campsite has food waiting for them & bush showers.
5. The mission statement (if that is anything to go by of course) puts an emphasis on the kid having fun as well as learning skills.
6. Apparently the "therapudic" element is in the acticvity in itself. the kid does not confess their sins or write in diaries etc.
7. This programme is staffed by volunteers who are mainly ex cops or army guys
8. There is a positive peer culture element. My understanding is that the kid who goes back is selected by a jury of adult staff and works under supervision and direction of the adult staff.

I dont know what i think of it. From what i know of it it seems fairly above board and to have reasonably noble aims. After all i have read about its eq in the US though I would not like to see an industry that looks and feels like the "tough love" industry grow here. Was this what you were looking for or more state run hospitals etc?

Then its not really a facility in the terms I am looking at. Still its information.



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