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ScottM - where are you?


ScottM - where are you? scott, don't know if you got my last email, but

i'm coming up tuesday. we could go up to burlington

on either tuesday or wednesday. let me know

what you think...

maybe if we get there a little early we can talk to

our friend. by the way, any answers on Heather J.?

"as I slooshied, i knew such lovely pictures"

Re: ScottM - where are you? Hey Sully,

I'm around just still not completely online yet. Call me on the Cell phone this weekend and we'll figure everything out for the week. Do you need a ride from the airport? I got your email I've just been busy. Tracking Heather down could be interesting. She's a good kid.

We'll talk soon.


Re: ScottM - where are you? yeah, Scott, i'll try you this weekend.

i have an old number for heather. i tried

it last week, asked if it was heathers mom,

person seemed a bit taken a back. who

knows? i'll try some more this weekend.

if we can find her, we could ask her to join

us in burlington. yay!

talk to you this weekend,

"as I slooshied, i knew such lovely pictures"

-Alexander deLarge

A Clockwork Orange


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