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the NY Giants
« on: August 01, 2001, 02:54:12 PM »
the NY Giants
the following has nothing to do with straight...

so if you don't like sports, just disregard this post.

i think that the giants have a pretty easy schedule.

they open in denver on the first monday night game

of the season, then are back in new jersey to play

the packers. after that, smooth sailing.

the only division opponent that will give the giants

any real trouble will be dallas. why? - because they

always do. maybe the games with the eagles will

be a bit tough too. the eagles have really turned

their team around, and they could make noise

in the NFC this year.

but this is the last season that the G-men will see

arizona as divisional opponents, so they need to

take advantage of those games. no shaking hands

and hugging here - just go out sack plummer 6 times

and romp 'em 41-6.

the giants waited till the biggest game of the year to

play their worst game of football. the giants looked worse

in the superbowl than they did when they were clobbered

by detroit at home last season 31-21. kerry collins did throw

for 350 yard in the game, but tiki barber was held to only 30

on the ground. any giants fan who watched that game knew that the giants looked like garbage that day. but remeber what head coach jim fassel said after that game? "this team is going to the playoffs" - remember that????

the giants are my team. i stay with them no matter what.

that is what a fan is. no switching sides here.

my advice to NFL fans for this season:

watch the games, enjoy being with your friends, don't drink and drive, and write a letter to the league office expressing your disgust with the NFL's "black-out" rule.

happy game watching everyone!

"as I slooshied, i knew such lovely pictures"

-Alexander deLarge

A Clockwork Orange

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the NY Giants
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2001, 08:36:01 PM »
Re: the NY Giants
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, heheh, what can I say. It sucks they are so close to the hated St. Pete warehouse. I hate Dr. Newton.

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