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Logan River Academy

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I was beaten badly here. It was the worst experience of my life. This program has no real merit and is a money scam for lazy or hopeless parents who don't want to have to deal with their child's problems.

Che Gookin:
Please.. Please... give us more details about the place.

When did you go?

How long where you there for?

I'd ask why you were sent, but I believe that no kid should go to a program for any reason so the question is moot.

Did they have a stage system?

details.. please!!!


I guess you would call me an lra success story. I am in college now, a big university about to finish my sophomore year. I wish for those of you with no prior experience would not put in your two cents. LRA still haunts me. I wake up some mornings crying because i think that i am still there. Not all of it was bad. I had a therapist who i believe genuinly cared for me, or maybe she justsaw that there was some hope for me. Your children will leave with a better knowledge of drug use and of criminal activity than they had before, thats for sure. DEVO is the isolation teqnique that is used. Kidds sit up there for weeks sometimes months not allowed to say a word. Not allowed to move their head during the day, or shift their feet, getting five minute breaks to go to the bathroom and then they go to sleep and it starts again the next day. OBS is what they call the observation room. If you are disrupting. They trow u in this 4 by 5 foot room and you have to sit in there on the floor alone and sometimes sleep there on the floor. You are monitered during your sleep always so that kids dont run away. The most scaring experience for me was going in and being strip searched every time i got back froma visit. (squat and cough).

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I WOULD TELL PARENTS IS.... if your child is at logan river, and by a miracle you actully get to talk to them on the phone, NEVER END A CONVERSATION ON  A BAD NOTE. whether or not they let you know, they have waited a week for that, and thats the only hope they have sometimes. if one ends badly they will spend the eitire week until the next phone call wondering if they will get to talk to you again, if you even want to talk to them, miss them, still love them, etc....

any queastions just ask me.

o, and if they were going to a decent school before hand, LRA's academics is ajoke and they will learn nothing during the course of their academic life there.


I am parent considering sending my 14 year old teen to a RTC. For the past 1 year and a half, her actions and lack of judgement has gotten worse. She shows no respect to the house rules and sees nothing wrong with coming home at 1 am in the morning or 11 pm at night, failing classess and getting into fights, and exprimenting with marijuana. I have tried to reason with her and keep hoping she'll wake up. There are days she is fine and is the duaghter I know but the very next day and turn defiant. She is passive aggressive defiant and does things to push the buttons of me and her father and other authority figures in school she "doesn't like".

I love my daughter and want the best for her. I would appreciate it if you could give me your feedback on whether the LRA helped you.

Mom Looking for Help


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