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Logan River Academy

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Is there anyone at there who was a student at Logan River Academy?  My child is currently there and I am looking for a little support, reassurance, information...good or bad, from past students or parents.  Thnaks.

Could you provide a link to the facility please?

yes, heard of it, spoken to, would not recommend.  doesn't appear to be as restrictive as some, but they do use isolation quite a bit, therapy is of questionable benefit given the coercion used.

I'd ask alumni on  they have a group there...  serach groups for Logan River.

This is rather an odd time to ask, and an interesting board on which to ask.   Did you investigate first?  Where/how?

LRA uses a level system, which is not unusual, and is administratively easier than some alternates that focus on causes rather than consequences.  They also have as their "root philosophy" a behavior modification approach, which doesn't solve problems, whatever they may be.  Not the worst of places, but there are many better, if placement is "needed" at all.

LRA is a fantastic facility, i have visited the program several times as I have researched residential treatment centers for at-risk/troubled teens.  For the record I am not employed nor associated with any RTC, and supporting LRA provides no gain to me, it is definetely one of the best RTC's that I looked at!  If you have further questions post your e-mail adress and i'd be glad to communicate further with you!


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