Author Topic: EMERGENCY: Need the inside scoop on Family Foundation Academy/ Allynwood Academy  (Read 8039 times)

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A young friend of mine has some defiance issues, but has never done anything illegal and is a sweet, sweet kid at heart. She has attachment issues because her dad is a manipulative bastard and her mom is only a mom some of the time. She's basically been raised by two families at the dance studio I train at for the last two years. And she's been dragged through custody battles for the last 7 years. Anyone in her situation would have some anger.

So, her mom has been talking to the courts and the crappy public school my friend attends and the school is pushing hard for FFS. I think someone there may have a connection. It looks like it's too late to stop this unless I can somehow convince her mom that this place is NOT what she needs.

So, I'm calling on you Fornitsers! I need testimony, I need lawsuits, I need facts, I REALLY need a student rulebook or handbook, and anything else you all can think of.

Thanks in advance! If you're a praying kind of person, pray for my friend.

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Family Foundation School is Allynwood, they just did a name change to dodge all the shitty publicity.

I think your friend would benefit from living with a relative who has a stable home life. Failing that, a boarding school seems like a better option. None of these steps seems to have been taken and the mother is skipping all the way from A to Z without hitting anything in between.

Sure, some people can justify going to Z to me, but those are pretty extreme cases in which everything between a and z have been tried a couple times over.

However, you'll never be able to sell Allynwood to me along with about 99 percent of the programs mentioned on these forums.

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Look what former students writes about their stay at the Family Foundation School - now called Allynwood:

Several testimonies

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Your best best may be to contact Jon Martin Crawford at Cafety.  He was at FFS and has a lot of information on that place.  Here is an ABC News story about his testimony before congress about the school.  If I recall, FFS responded with the standard "we have changed" line of bull.  It's important to note they didn't deny his allegations.  I'm not sure he's still at CAFETY, but if you can't get in touch with him, email me at [email protected] I can get you in contact with him.  His written testimony can be found here.  Good luck.  Program parents can be stubborn and theses sorts of places are masters at convincing parents their kids will spontaneously combust if they ever leave the program early.
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