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Interesting parallels between Hitler Youth and TBS programs.

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Actually no they were not all enthusiatic volunteers. At some point it became national law in Germany that youths had to be involved with the Hitler Youth Programs.

Oz girl:
The hitler youth kids also got to drink beer and go dancing and other fun things. Now that is a scary thought! children of a facist movement in the 30s were allowed more freedoms than the kids in programmes today!


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"One big difference between the Hitler Youth and modern behavior modification programs is that the Hitler Youth were enthusiastic volunteers.

I recently watched a program on the History Channel about Hitler Youth where they interviewed some former members. They said it started out like the Boy Scouts. It was like a big boys club, complete with camping and adding parades and military drills, including mock combat.

They also said they bought into the propaganda because they were impressionable youth. Coercion wasn't needed because the boys found it both fun and prestigious. They wanted to be there.

When these boys were thrown into combat near the very end of the War, they often did not know the extent of the danger in these assignments. There was a movie about a group that was sent to guard a bridge (I wish I could remember the name) and it wasn't until too late that some of them realized they had been abandoned by the real Army. Some gave their lives with devotional zeal, but others surrendered quickly and survived. Many were never issued working weapons.

In our day, we still see child soldiers only worse. There is that general in Africa that raids villages and takes the kids. Each night, the kids leave their villages and hide in the fields and forests to avoid capture. This guy runs his child army much like a cult. I'm trying to remember where I found the article."

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Here ya go, AA.

The Night Commuters

Children are lucrative resources for the LRA rebels. The atrocities committed against these children are impossible to imagine: in captivity children as young as seven years old are tortured, beaten and raped. They are then forced to become rebel soldiers, sexual slaves, porters and labourers. Some are forced to kill, maim, beat or abduct innocent victims, including family members and neighbours, or to look on as these abuses are committed. Girls are used as domestic servants or forced into sexual slavery as LRA commanders? ?wives?. They are subject to rape, unwanted pregnancy and the risk of infection, including HIV/AIDS.

Child abduction is clearly a major security concern for northern Uganda. Desperately afraid of abduction, vulnerable children as young as four years old will walk from their homes or displacement camp to a large urban centre every night.

These ?night commuters? travel as far as 20km on a daily basis without any adult supervision subjecting them to a wide range of violence. They gather in schools, hospitals, district offices and NGO compounds - wherever they believe they can spend the night in safety. They settle to sleep in the open, where they are often abused and exploited.

This temporary night displacement has destroyed family and cultural roles, and has deprived an entire generation of children from a primary education. At the peak of the conflict, the UN estimated the number of night commuters in Gulu, Pader and Kitgum districts to be 40,000.

I think there's a valid comparison to be made here, but it's not a direct, point by point parallel. History never repeats itself, but it always rhymes. The best book I've ever read about rank-n-file Nazis is My books page

Milton Mayer was a curious man. He was an American journalist of Jewish German heritage who converted to Quakerism then moved to Germany for the express purpose of getting to know some Nazis. He then wrote about them w/ eloquence, sincere respect, true affection and a gentle cautionary empathy. If you want to understand, so it doesn't happen again, I don't know of a better book than this one. If you want to understand all the spooky, crazy seeming behavior of the American government and their close friends, read this book. You don't have to buy it to read it. Almost any library will be happy to get a copy of it for you. But read it. I came away w/ a profoundly clarified understanding of the idea that Germany lost WWII, but the Nazi's won.

I think you can compare the drug war in tandem with the general pathologization of everything to the way the Nazis fixated on all but this mytical race of super humans from some remote mountain range in Central Europe. Even the level of pandering to the illiterates is strikingly similar. Somehow, the rabbal got the idea that Arian was a good thing, even though Arian means roughly the same thing as Semetic. And so they went about calling themselves Aryans while trying to wipe out the Semitic races and culture and calling it saving the world.

There's a difference in that one can cross over from drug free amarica believing drug war supporter to the other side w/ just a thought or even a nasty, unfounded rumor while you can't cross over from being German or Austrian to being Jewish or African. But you can cross over to being a Jew lover or a nigger lover, and by the same means; just a thought or even a nasty unfounded rumor. How do you suppose a bunch of Hitler Youth boys might treat a suspected or proven Jew lover?

That's what we were and are who land up in these programs. We somehow became The Enemy® in our own parents' eyes and in the eyes of our communities. Or, I suppose it might be closer to say that they believed we had become posessed of the enemy and they had to go to extraordinary lenghts to save us from ourselves.

I suppose you could make a closer comparison between programs like DARE and Citizens On Patrol police assisted block monitoring programs and the way the Nazi party went about garnering influence. But in our case, they're not enjoying anywhere near as much success. The troubling teen programs only ever snag about 1% - 2% of the potential market. And I suppose those would represent most of the true believers. Americans, besotted and bedazzled by tv gurus and distraction as we may be, still don't quite cotton to fascist ideas so readily as the long stratified Prussian cultures.

When cryptography is outlawed, bayl bhgynjf jvyy unir cevinpl.
Anonymous . . . for obvious reasons
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Oz girl:

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"The had the freedom to die in bloody heaps for their beloved fuherer. Not much of a better choice.
Our nada who art in nada, nada be thy name. Thy kingdom nada, thy will be nada as it is in nada. Give us this nada our daily nada and nada us our nada as we nada our nadas and nada us into nada but deliver us from nada; pues nada. Hail nothing full of nothing, nothing is with thee.
--Ernest Hemingway, American author
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Yes of course. i was being glib!


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